PAO Surgery?


Hi guys this has nothing to do with reborn but I wanted to know have any of you had PAO Surgery or know someone that have? I know there is Facebook groups about it I don’t feeling like joining one so I figured I’ll ask here


I have never had it. I did research it, which I am sure you already have, and I learned that it is an effective treatment and takes 3 - 6 months to get back to “normal” duties. Are you having this surgery? If so, I pray all goes well for you.


Yes I did research it. I decided to join a FB group since I got no response here. It is such a major surgery that I just found out I have to have at just (31) SMH… just wanted to Know the success rate . But thanks for your response


See if you can find a surgeon who does the minimally invasive procedure. It’s a much faster recovery. Make sure to ask how many of the procedure the doctor has done and that doctor’s success rate. Also see if you can donate your own blood in case you need a transfusion.


There’s no minimally invasive procedure for dysplasia, a PAO will only work. Arthoscopy (minor procedure) is to fix a tear and will fail without a PAO. I just wanted to know if anyone has had it and their experience. Although no two experience are the same I was just getting a general consensus. Thanks though :slightly_smiling_face: