Peeling paint


I’ve had paint rub off an fingers and toes in small places but never like this. I’m going to switch to golden or genesis. What a waste of time, energy, and money :frowning:


The realborns are the ones I seem to have the most problems with. I really thought she was cured.


I told her I didn’t think it can be repaired. It just needs to be stripped :frowning:


I did use glass and tile! It’s going in the trash!


It is very humid here and rains all the time.


Thank you all for the great input. I’d be completely devastated if I weren’t already so exhausted from coming off three twelves and having a new puppy in the house that screams bloody murder all night because she is highly offended that puppies who persistently poop in the house must sleep in the crate. I’m going to refund the customer whether she wants to send the doll back or not (although I’d really like to take a close look at the damage for myself). I’ll keep the liquitex for canvas, because once in a blue moon I get a wild hair and do a bunch of crappy paintings before the easel gets stashed away again. So… should I try the Golden paints or just give up on air-dry and give heat-set a try? I’ve got too many kits in the closet to quit.


Puppies can be challenging !

Changing to Golden paints have been the best move I have done. The difference is like the day and night. I have tried a lot of air dry but they are the best to me. It’s may be the climate, I don’t know.
Everyone has their favorite too !


Oh my gosh this dog is a hot mess! We haven’t slept since Thursday :sob::sob::sob: The major gripe I’ve had with Liquitex up until now is that it is such a dust magnet. Do you have the same issue with Golden?


It was an upsetting discovery for me as well.

I use waterborne and golden on bare vinyl with the waterborne slo dri then seal with soft touch varnish. I have zero issues now even with the Florida humidity.


That’s one of the reasons I switch to Golden. All dust and pet hair stick to liquitex. I have no problem with that now.
Good luck with that pup !


Maybe I can sucker my neighbor into puppy sitting this afternoon and sneak off to Michael’s to buy some Golden.


No, I just used the Golden gloss gel and water for the isolation coat. I used Liquitex matte medium and distilled water with the paint.


I’ve never had that happen with Liquitex or any other air dry I’ve used. There must be no dust in my house, right? Not. lol


I used Glass and Tile with the Waterborne and that kit did peel. I threw my GTM in the garbage too, lol. I have never had any problems with Liquitex being sticky in Georgia, Carolina Beach or here in NM. Never had a problem. I do not use retarder either. I love Liquitex and stand by the product! I have never tried Golden so I can’t speak for that. You do have to find what works for you as an individual though. Never had a problem with it being a dust magnet either.

What about Ultimate Fusion, I’d like to try that in the future. I need to buy Golden just to try it so I can talk about it, lol. Maybe this summer!


You are lucky !
In fact that’s not the paint the problem, it’s the medium I think. That’s not a lost for me I use it as glue !


Love Ultimate Fusion, but I wish it would be more pigmented. And cheaper. This thing is expensive !


I am not sure what has happened here since I have not been able to see the exact painting process and product mixes that were used.

Peeling can come from vinyl surface being too slick or oily and paint not adhering well.
Paints not being allowed to cure long enough
Paints being varnished too soon, trapping water inside them that cannot evaporate.
Using inferior products

I use Golden brand mediums sometimes, not Liquitex and I use the RebornFX Sealer as my Isolation coat so I cannot say for sure what went wrong there.


What kind of pup is it?


I have wondered about that, too, Jean. Someone had horrible problems with dust, etc. sticking to their kits. I have never had a problem, I use air dry (WaterBorne) and I have left mine for a couple of months or more at a time. Plenty of time for dust to accumulate, and I haven’t had that. I have blown it off with a hair dryer and maybe used a big makeup type brush to brush it off, but I haven’t had dust and such stick to it to my knowledge.


I am glad the humidity question has come up. I live in Louisiana and it is very humid here at times. Now at least I will know to maybe give my kit a little more time to dry between layers and such, and especially before sealing it. There is so much to learn and this forum is so good.