Penny (Patience)




@Gabriell Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Looks like she is deeply in her thoughts. Actually, all your babies looks ‘philosophical’ to me, like they are wise beyond their age.


I love how you highlighted her eyes. I also love the little touches of gloss…her features are very well accentuated.


Lol thank you! I can’t keep up lol. This baby is beautiful though!


Love your version!!


That was the first thing out of my mouth @Simone…OMG, she’s gorgeous, perfect, amazing!!! You really outdid yourself this time Gina!


Agree, she perfectly captured her thoughtful expression…she looks so lifelike, like she is just lying there, thinking. So precious!


I love her skin tone! Did our use darker skin tones with her than the basic colors? She is sooo cute.


Oh my goodness! She is just perfect!


I used a lot of blue and gold undertones and shaded with a rose color. I originally wanted her to be fair but she seemed “sickly” so I deepened her up a little… I really like her, took her to the post office and the ladies passed her around like a grandchild (they spoil me there because I bring them babies and cookies, hey post office work is boring as hell).