Picture of last doll you worked on


April :slight_smile:


Working on Landon’s photos



Dominic Bountiful Baby made into Dominique


This is by far my fovorite honey I have ever seen! She’s beautiful!



My last one. Khloe Marie (Marita Winters)


Still working on rooting Gabriel.


Oh my, what an adorable baby! Another one to add to my “must have” list :slight_smile:


Thank you. Gabriel has been a favorite of mine and people keep asking for him. He has 3/4 legs, but I have used Realborn limbs for him so that he has full limbs and he looks great with them. I think I have done 10-15 of this kit.


whjat limbs did you use? I don’t like the 3/4 legs


I think I used Ana’s, but any of 19-20 inch will work.


I used his limbs on mine but used a full leg 3/4 arm realborn body and it fit him perfectly. I don’t have pics of him anymore though


Your Gabriel is gorgeous!


Beautiful baby! What are you doing for hair?


Thank you so much!! :blush:


Finished Lavender and Owen just in time for Christmas!



I rooted her with human hair.

! She sold one day after I listed her.


She turned out really cute. Makes me want to work on mine.


Not a great picture since my daughter hasn’t put her down since but I just finished this fairy.