Picture of last doll you worked on


So gorgeous great work


Finished her up today!



You make me want to paint my Priscilla, she is so pretty!


My last one was Lane.


Just finished a custom of Realborn® Joseph Awake. Will deliver her tomorrow. customer hasnt seen her finished yet and is so excited.


My last one

i just love the bigger ones


My last baby.


Very pretty!


Started on Laila for an order using UF. Still a way to go.


Thank you @ZeldaDawn!


Cutie! Is he an LDC kit? I recognize the Sheila Michael hands.


Which kit is this one? So gorgeous!


My last one was Little Red! Little Red Riding Hood as a baby. All packed and ready to go home to her Mommy for Christmas!


Hey cute baby! She’s gorgeous and her outfit is to swoon for. Also love the lion in your profile pic!


Thank you @Theara she is for a 14 year old extended family member.


Little red riding hood. What a cute idea, @Anne!

Thank you. This is Chase by Bonnie Brown, @Theara.


My latest is my first air dry baby, tiny Caleb. Clothing is also handmade.


Good job on clothes for that little guy


Not a fan of how the new camera takes pictures. It looks nice on the camera screen, but once it’s uploaded to my phone or computer, the picture is very skinny and blurry. But here s Madison :heart: