Pictures please of then and now

My very first reborn, Lavender. Veins and first light flesh mottling layer using Art and Magic Waterborne air dry paints. Suggestions and critiques are welcome.


I don’t use that kind of paint but it looks like it is too thick and cakey, to me. There is a learning curve in dealing with air dry paints. Have you watched any tutorials on how to use it? There is some good information out there. Patience is really important when you are learning. Go slow, take your time and you will be happy with your outcome. Good Luck.

@Evee Did you prime your kit? If so did you stir the primer? You also should stir the paint. I started with Waterborne and my first doll came out ok after that it was downhill for me. I use Liquitex now but I also use Waterborne mixed in with my paints sometimes. I no longer prime my kits. But realized that I should have stirred everything instead of just shaking the bottle. But it looks like you are making dry skin if so that is so cool, lol!

I used the surface primer with mixed with distilled water. The paints I mix 5 or 6 drops of water to 4 drops of paint and one drop of slow dry. I use a brush and paint it onto a honeycomb sponge. I have the book for Waterborne with pictures. Should I strip and start over? Thanks

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Yallhad the samehair cut…lol

Ok I found another tutorial online. The online tutorial says to pounce with a cosmetic wedge after you apply the paint where the book didn’t give that step. I think I will leave the first layer as is. Maybe the dry skin look won’t be so bad. What do you think?

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Not something I could live with but I’m REALLY picky.

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I agree. Thank you

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Are you supposed to barely see the mottling

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Any suggestions? Veins, blue wash and light flesh layer with Waterborne air dry paints.


Not the best lighting

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Sometimes mottling is very light and sometimes it’s very obvious. It just depends on the look you want. It was the squiggly white lines that I couldn’t live with but they seem to be gone. You’re making good progress, now.

I removed them with rubbing alcohol and started from the beginning. I thinned the paint a little more with distilled water. After I pounced the paint in with a honeycomb sponge, I took a clean cosmetic wedge and lightly pounced so as not to remove the mottling look just to blend.

Started first blush layer.


Sorry just now seeing this. I don’t use primer or slow dry. I mix my paints so that the color is milky. I use Ultra Matte or Matte Gel and Distilled water in my paints. There is a formula somewhere. I used to use it but now I do it my way, no measuring, lol! I use makeup wedges and I tear the top off. (I don’t use honeycomb sponge). I do brush the paint onto the wedge. I never use Alcohol on my babies. Some people do with good results. For me it left spots that the Air Dry Paint had a hard time sticking to.

When I do mottle I brush the wedge, the stamp it on a paper towel first then the doll working fast and trying not to have to stop, working in a continuous motion. The baby look really good here!

Thank you. I am going to try a different technique on my next doll.

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Working on creases not sure if I should do another flesh layer.


Molly was my very first, when I started I wasn’t even aware of the reborn world, forums and face book pages or tutorials, I just bought a kit and went for it. It was only after I made her and put her on my local trading site that I discovered other reborns and that there were other artists about. So I had no advice.
My first Molly made back in 2014



my latest just finished this week


Looks good to me. @Evee


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