Pictures please of then and now

my first (and second), was 12 years ago August… Iris and Celeste Stoete

my latest… Julia by Jannie de Lange (twins)


Baby 1 Meg

Babies 12 and 13 Dominic and Kimi :two_hearts:


I am 65
When I was 63 I had never even seen a reborn doll
I did my first reborn at 63.
I make mostly alternative babies, but they sell, and they sell fast.
I am actually quite shocked. I made my first pair of wings 8 months ago, my fitrst holographic eyes 6 months ago and rooted my first baby 3 months ago

I am working with teens, mostly in helping with supplies and teaching about different ways to target an audience. I have an actual experience 3d reborn artist teaching the real stuff!

Here are photos of my first wings, eyes, rooting, first non alternative reborn and my first compliment from the sculptor (Adrie Stoete)

I commented once that I had stripped my first doll so many times she asked me for a tip.
But was told that was inappropriate
So I wont say it again.


i have never seen so many talented people in one place. but we better watch out, i once had a thread taken down from here because someone was upset by how many replkies and comments there were, not kidding.

but you are all just fishing for compliments.
of all of these, i can count 2 that i can see were first attempts…and not saying who because the irony here is both of those artists ended up having 2 of the best ones.
all in all, i would have paid a lot for any one of these babies. so kudos to you because other boards have shown so much of a scale in talent
bui all of you are so amazing!
(i actually started to get a little miffed you can see by how long it took to return, i got so sick of seeing one perfection after another. it reminded me of when Demi Moore volunteered her actual labor and delivery videos for a movie and when the Rosie O’Donnell looked at them she slapped her on the back of her head because demi made two little grunts while looking gorgeous as the baby popped out.
Demi cried out and Rosie said, “ARE YOU KIDDING? I just wanted to make sure you can feel pain”


These two are so perfectly gorgeous, I was reminded of Children of the Corn.

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As much as I adore all these Bonnie browns, I always get them mixed up. Like Tink, Meredith, Saoirse and Grayson
I wonder who they are modeled after…

I was wondering about something., Whenever I see Tink, the body that is furnished looks too narrow at the shoulders. Is it just bad photography?

A friend of mine just showed me pictures of her sister when she was born., The baby was a little oxygen deprived, but was fine after a couple of days, but she looked identical to your first baby so…
just sayin…

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Oh PLEASE! for the love of mike, that first one is awesome.
I am not paying enough attention to you, am I …

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Do you wear glasses? If so, it might be time for a prescription update. That thing was atrocious…:rofl::rofl: What’s even more funny is that when I finished I was so happy with her. The people here were so kind. They searched hard for something nice to say. I carried on from there and now have a full blown addiction.

I seriously wish I would have taken more pics of that first doll. It’s nice to look back and appreciate the progress I’ve made over the past few years. :blush:

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I am loving you guys more than you could know

But here is an idea of what I am looking for

10 years later

Ok they are not the same artists,. but just trying to give you an idea


It most definitely could be the photographer. I have the hardest time taking these pictures.


You asked for our first and then recent to see the difference and that is what i replied with. My most recent are a world away from the first. Not sure why you think some of us are fishing for compliments by replying to you. Sorry if the photos i put up offended you.


thank you :slight_smile:

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Marie does the most amazing work I have ever seen <3 I think she could make a Raggedy Ann doll amazng, using a box of crayons LOL


It’s a bit harsh to say they are fishing for compliments… You asked for first and most recent… That is exactly what they did.


Well Meg truely was my first reborn. If you want some grosser pictures of her here they are


I am not sure whether I should be hoping you think my first doll was atrocious, or if I should be hoping you’re calling me a liar? :laughing: If you’d like to spend a lot of money on my first reborning attempt, I’m sure we could make it happen; she’s collecting dust in the closet along with my second, third, fourth, and fifth attempts. I can assure you that pretty bows and pacifiers notwithstanding, she is far more monstrous than the vampling.
Maybe the reason that newer reborners’ first attempts are looking a little better is the abundance of free tutorials available on the internet right now? I know I’ve watched and read them all numerous times. And I’m so thankful they are available! P.S. I think the joke about stripping the doll is hilarious. Tiff


@ZeldaDawn, they both adorable! Love the vampire one!

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@dlschuch, And I though that I came to this party late when I first discovered Reborn World at almost 58 :wink:

@DollyPardon, first of all you are so funny, as always. And 2nd - this is how I feel about my first one. And concerned that my second one will not be as good :rofl:

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