Pictures please of then and now


@LisaLynn, Honestly, not bad, IMO. I see much worst postings on after 100+ or so (or like “I was reborning for 5 years…”) already listed. Didn’t meant to offend anyone, just expressing my thoughts.


@YelenaRey. Thank you, thank you. :rofl::rofl:

Your first baby was impressive. Looked better than most first dolls I’ve seen. Your reborning future looks bright. You will get better and better with each doll.


I don’t think she meant it that way, although it’s hard to tell sometimes with just written text. So much is lost this way. But because her sense of humor is somewhat similar to mine, I can just see it, which is why I responded with a sarcastic comment about her needing to check her prescription for her glasses. Either that or clean them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cool, we started around the same time. I started painting in May of 2017 and our first babies were Meg :slight_smile:


OH! haha sorry. Normally i’m on game with humor and can tell but my daughter kept me up half the night so I am running on little sleep.


Get some rest @littleboyblue. I remember those days! :blush:


Thank you! Sometimes I think that people just put ‘hearts’ or saying nice things for encouragement. I see many of us, first-timers, here. Some is good, some not so good, all of us ask for criticism and suggestions, but it always the same - hearts and praises.


No offense taken, just confused by some of the comments I guess. Hard to tell in text sometimes if it is humor or not! Thanks-Meg looked better in the photos than she actually was. She was too blue and I kept trying to color correct instead of listening g to the ladies that said strip her. She ended up with a rainbow skintone lol! Partially rooted her pretty badly too. Ripped all that out and have most of her stripped. Someday she is getting a complete makeover!


I found the pics of my second and third babies on my photo bucket! I’d forgotten about it, haven’t used it in years.
In order… second baby
Third baby
And two most recent…
My first babe went in the trash!


I miss these old bountiful baby kits! Anyone else?? Not complaining about the kits now because they are !amazing! , but I guess I feel nostalgic when looking back :slight_smile:


I do agree @dlschuch there are some beautiful first babies. :slightly_smiling_face:


omg THAT PAINTED HAIR! WOuld you hate me a lot if I copied it>


Lol! Of course not!


When you screw up like that, pick up some ranger pearls and go at it like a fantasy doll. Make so much art no one can see the mistakes,trust me, I love doing my swirling dervishes but they started because of a mistake.

I took art in High School, went to the Chicago Art Institute but the most valuable lesson I learned was in kindergarten when the special art teacher they brought in showed us how to handle when we made GOOFS. She painted a tree, then she went to put on the apples and she dripped some paint “BY ACCIDENT” (accident my foot) on the lower part of the paper. Then she showed us how to make it look like we did it on purpose by making it an apple on the ground. I just cant ever get that day or teacher out of my head.
The second lesson I learned from my first year Art Instructor at CAI
99% of spectacular art evolved from a mistake.
So happy accidents people:


I dont know who you are replying to, but I cannot find one baby in this thread (except of course the weirdness I posted,) that I would not have purchased and treasured
Dolly said it best, she understands my sense of humor.
The only thing worse then someone who speaks in sarcasm, is someone who has Aspergers and speaks in sarcasm. We are like walking bumper stickers, And as funny as you think those bumper stickers may be, you know most of them youi would never repeat in polite company.,


Thanks to all who enjoyed doing this for my young artists. They are going to love this. So much beauty in one thread.

And the painting with their feet, well, they are teens, but I am going to try that.
Perfect ideas!!!


Make so much art no one can see the mistakes“ I love that!!


Thank you! I thought your first was beautiful:)


It seems as though your asberger’s and my pms have been a bad combination today. :slight_smile: I had taken the comments that you meant to be humorous as literal, and I apologize. Here is a more gruesome WIP pic of my first that your students might enjoy.