Pictures please of then and now

Please can we keep this thread going!? As someone who really wants to get into this for creative purposes, but also doesn’t want to get into it because of how bad I’m going to be at the beginning, this is very inspirational!


First babies

Recent baby (sorry if too many pics, I just love her SO MUCH)


Rina was my first. Pluggiest the hair rooting ever!

Here are 3 of my most recent (I can’t ever decide whether I want to paint babies or creatures lol, so I do both!)



@Peachtree Hi Elizabeth, I am just curios how long you are being reborning. I just recently saw you on and you putting a new baby almost every day.

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I have been reborning since October. I had a few ready before I joined the site. I am still trying on paint styles from the artists I admire, so my babies are still somewhat inconsistant.


My first was Shyann. I still get offers to purchase her but I would never do that because I would be horrified for people to see her up close and personal with her pluggy hair, her orange cracked lips and her lack of detail. And one of my latest, Reese.


I have a question… On I saw a Tanner sculpt with Jaycee arms and now I am seeing a Jaycee with Tanner arms. Are you the same artist? I thought Tanner was the cutest little bub and your Jaycee is just beautiful!

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Yes. That’s me. Swapping arms was the best idea I’ve had yet! I loved Tanner with fists. I am thinking about creating a second set of Jaycee/Tanner swaps.

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Oh my, she is a little upset, but truthfully, she still looks very cute, especially in that outfit looking like she is afraid she has been put on a splicing board!:open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face::hushed::sleepy::tired_face:

Ph my

Now you’ve done it.,…someone is going to fly in here like a spinster english teacher and say ENOUGH!

But I agree, this is always my favorite go to place on any arts/crafts boards.
There is nothing more encouraging than a bad piece of art that turned the hesitant creator into a gifted miraculous artist

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I am not that crazy about the real borns, It seems if you have any one of about 4 of them, you have them all. But their limbs, especially the legs are magnificent! I love Brittany’s especially.

OH! I know you!!! My favorite favorite Dragon lady… I LOVE that guy. He is now on my phone screensaver!
Rina may have pluggy hair, but that face and those lips…STOP!!!

Speaking of, has anyone tried rooting that Tibetan Lamb.? I think I made a big mistake investing!
my time and money on that stuff because it shreds like mad.
This little steampunk about made me want to cry. But I started with it so I am ending with it.

My friend Cindy is matching the dye lot so she can get some mohair to me. Cindy is so grateful for all the Tatum photos I sent her so thank you to all who took the time to help her. She is awesome, I just love her.

Please no cracks about less is more…I KNOW LESS IS MORE…I just have issues with stopping All that hardware actually made this little girl a pound heavier,


So I’m just gonna do it. I get in more hot water on this board because I do not have any filters.

During the holidays, I had a friend ask me to make a reborn for her mom for Hanukkah based on her newest grandbaby that was having a Bris. She asked me why there are no circumcised torsos. I had to agree with her, being a Catholic, I too wondered.

But just recently on Irresistibles I saw a very beautifully detailed one. Is there a stigma regarding this issue?

I think it sort of depends on where the sculptor lives. It seems like American sculpts are circumcised but a lot of European ones are not. Just an observation.

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so…yo0u said you were going to post gross pictures …where are they?

I know you think this is bad, but truly, its not,
You need to attend one of my classes. It will give you a taste of …nevermind…

I just hate it when the principal comes in all smiles to see how we are doing, then suddenly crosses his arms and briskly leaves the room.

I quickly followed him out the first time because I thought he was going to be sick.
When I got outside he said, 'We really did a lot of fundraising to get these supplies and … well…
is that how they are supposed to look?

I got a little huffy with him and explained there are at least 10 more layers that are going to be applied and maybe he should stick to perusing the “:shop” students.

So next week the kids are going to post their work in the hallway going to the gym and cafeteria and try to sell them. If I am allowed, I will take photos.


My first was Shyann. That was in early 2013. She had very little color and the pluggiest hair. It was awful.

Kimberly is my next to latest but I did her last year. Being a 58 year old mommy to an active 3 year old with autism has seriously cut into my reborning and forum time.


Please feel free to ‘message me’ if you think I can help in anyway.

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I love your steampunk interpretation! I’ve got a steampunk Princess Adelaide WIP that I had to put aside for an unexpected custom order. I can’t wait to get back to her!

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I’d tell the principal to come in and give it a try.

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