Pictures please of then and now


Thanks. coming from you it really means a lot. Your alternative work is superior to anything I have seen besides MissV Steampunk Fantasy Trunk

yeah, we talked about that! do you have a WIP on it yet?

I also did this repaint of a Lee Middleton Devan. When the customer sent the doll for the repaint, I didn’t know what to think. I know its a big no no on here to say anything negative about a kit, but this poor thing looks more like a Mother Superior than a baby.
When I finished her mouth, my friend who is a Middleton collector made me take off the lip color just to prove it was the same baby!





Wow! Look at that Kimberly!! You’re Shyann was much better than mine! lol…Okay wait you had a baby 3 yrs ago?? I don’t mean to be personal, but God Bless you!! I’m 59 and can’t imagine!!


I OUTTA LET ALL OF YOU HAVE HIS EMAIL. THAT’D LEARN HIM.:grinning::joy::rofl::smile::sweat_smile::laughing:

He says the whole thing is just too creepy for words, while his wife is chomping at the bit trying to get first look. She has her pen and checkbook ready (yeah, like anyone uses a checkbook right?)


I know how hard it must be. My family just didn’t know what to do with me. Worse I also have prosopagnosia, my mother was always mortified I didn’t recognize people right away. I can remember one incident where my mom told me one of my dad’s lifelong employees was going to pick me up from school. I cried almost all day because I was afraid I would walk outside and some crazy person would flag me into his car and I wouldn’t know any better.

I cried a lot back then. Teachers not understanding me, my family not knowing what to make of everything I said. Yet they would brag about my art and other things of that nature. They would say “Yes she is so quiet, she plays by herself in her room creating clothes and ideas.” Then they would call me out so I could meet whomever was getting this tripe and then they would quickly whisk me away back to my room before I pointed out a hairy mole or whatnot.

And they wondered why I liked playing by myself

And my mom took my inability to let her in my personal space to hug or hold an afront.

I know its horrible for the family, but my confusion was a minute by minute trial.
Even at almost 66, I still do sing songy recitations over and over or repetitive movements because these things comfort me and allow me to concentrate. But it makes others very uncomfortable, So I almost never leave my studio.

It is people like @DollyPardon and @MaryJane that have made me feel welcome and included, pretty much as they do with everyone. Such an honor to have them in my little part of the world.


My first baby:

And the one I am almost finished with:


I want you all to know it is reperte’ like this that make this board so inviting, clever and helpful. There is no need to find fault, misread people or take things personal, I cannot see any reason to do so when we have so much talent and sharing such as this to guide us together in our art instead of making us feel competitive.


and again, I am blown away!:open_mouth::blush::yum:


When I first started I ordered the Ellenie kit by Sabine Altenkirch, but I got Leha Jolin. I was so overwhelmed by the whole painting process. I kept sitting there looking at the prototype pictures thinking wow they made this sculpt look so different- even the lips. It was about 6 months before I realized that the supplier had sent me the wrong kit.


who is that top or your first baby? have you ever seen anything so cute?


It was Doll Dreams. They are no longer in business, which is a shame. I loved them and am sure they would have fixed the mistake if only I had realized that I had the wrong sculpt. Someday I would like to paint Leha Jolin again and see how she turns out. Then I could really compare now to then. She is cute, just not what I ordered LOL.


She is Leha Jolin.


ok. i just went to look at Leha Jolin and the three prototypes on Irresistibles cannot even light a candle to that adorable piece of work.

Are you sure that was your first baby?


She was my first and it was beginner’s luck. I will try to find a picture of the second, the paint was ok, but I rooted that one with horrible hair. It was depressing to have the first better than the second.


@jennyk, I think you first one was absolutely perfect and so adorable. And I also think the same way about my first kit that it just was a beginner’s luck as seems that my second one does not like me that much, but I am persistent :grin:


No, I didn’t give birth to him. :grinning: We adopted him. He is the light of my life, but he does keep me busy.


Irresistables bought out Doll Dreams. They have LDC paints and kits. Leha Jolin is on sale now for $59.99. I LOVE your version of her. It makes me want to do her. I agree that she’s cuter than the prototypes.


You cut his hair! Did you save it for a baby of him?


I KNOW!!! It killed me to cut it but it started to bother him. Yes, I did save the curls and I will be using them to make a baby that looks like him. I bought Mattia a while back because it is an uncanny match. Here is a pic of the two of them side by side.


Such a cutie!


I can’t wait to see your portrait baby of him.