Pictures please of then and now

I can’t imagine how long it takes to root hair like that lol. :heart_eyes:

I agree! I’ve spent 2 years watching tutorials every night. I’ve pinned so many tips, tricks, ideas, etc. I feel super prepared to do a decently good job. When I 1st attempted to do one a few years ago I was woefully underprepared & got extremely frustrated. The videos make a HUGE difference…


seriously … wow

and what impresses me most is you are not too shy about detailing that boy. i have 2 sons, 3 brothers and 2 marriages and i know what it should look like. but i have adult students that say they dont want anatomical male torsos because they dont know how to do it.
My high schoolers are more mature about it than most seasoned adults. I have 2 boys in my class and they are not reluctant or giggly about showing the girls which area requires more attention than the the other areas.

I have shown this entire thread in a slide show and it had really ranked as a success. Many wanting to know if they were “allowed” to try some of these techniques. I have driven into their heads, as has the artist who is doing the hands on work, that OOAK means that. Plagiarizing is an unforgivable sin and will get them a reputation so fast, they will find the need to do anything but paint. And saying you have a one of a kind but are using pictures from another one of your listings that sold and saying you change each one up a little bit is just like Kinkade when he admitted he went to all his studios where his work is duplicated by artists so he can sell more Oils than prints. He goes to each painting and swipes a blot of paint, (usually it is his LIGHT) and thus, it qualifies as a One of A Kind.

But his stock holders and loyal customers felt differently and in the end, it is not what you say, but what you do that makes that decision.
Having said that, I told them that was the purpose of this exercise, to find their place.

So some of you may be receiving correspondence in June. They are only allowed to read this forum, not to interact. WHen most of them reach 18 at the end of the school year, they can do what they please. But a few of them are a little afraid of some of you so be patient.

I thank all of you for taking the time to do this. It worked and you made a lot of students very happy, and others ready to quit.

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One of the biggest problems I had and I see in my students is patience.
We use air dry paint.
They spent almost the first half of the first semester learning how to mix and blend paint. They were graded on it. But it was for their own good. When I showed them the cost of buying premixed as opposed to ,mixing their own, they were easily enticed to learn how to do it.

But the problem with airr dry, I had it as well and I have been an Oil turned acrylic canvass artist for over 40 years, was that on vinyl the paint is going to look horrible until you let it set overnight. I stripped my first doll repeatedly and after the last effort, I went to sleep rather than taking off on another crying over the sink saying unkind things episode. The next morning I felt like Gepetto. It did not look like the same doll.

So unless it is so horrible nothing can redeem it, I suggest waiting 24 hours. At least just try.


Good advice! I often will do that. I’ll look at a doll in the evening and think maybe I should do this or do that…then I wait til the morning light and see what needs to be done


I finally found a couple of snapshots of my very first baby I reborned.

Here is a couple of my more recent babies


Wow! It give to all of us, newbies, a great hope! :blush:
How long you are doing this?


I am relatively a newbie myself. She was reborned in July of 2017


Triple WOW!


You are too kind! I see the babies you guys are painting as your 1sts and I am just blown away by how much natural talent I see!


Not my very first but close to. (#1’s pics are not on this computer)

And Esmae 2019


Amazing!!! :open_mouth::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Both of your babies are beautiful!

Thank you :grin::heart_eyes:

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@Reefbubbles Thank you, if I may to ask: did you get your skills advanced with experience of doing more babies or you took some classes, tutorial, etc?

So general question to all RA - what is the major ‘push’ for anyone’s advensvent?


You are kind for asking. For My first baby I followed Reborn with me custom doll baby in every detail. Personally she was way too light in all the details but it was a great jumping off point for developing my own style. My second baby I decided to to still follow her tutorials but I pumped all the color up a bit. My second baby was better…

I then decided I would choose 1 or 2 areas to improve on with each baby I painted from then on. For instance eyelid detail, or shaping the nose, lip color inside ear detail etc. I would choose then do all kinds of research, screenshoot photos of real and painted babies that I felt looked realistic then as I worked on it, if it wasn’t going as well as I hoped I would post here on this forum and the ladies would so kindly and generously walk me through. Like here for instance…

I chose to wait til 3rd baby to even worry about hair.
I hope that helps…


Thank you. It does help. I had the same feeling by doing my first baby by "Reborn With Me’. It’s a great tutorial, but I felt like I was too cautious and too light, which was OK for the first time since it’s I think it’s better underdo it than overdo it. With every next doll I am getting more and more ‘adventures’ and brave to experiment with different colors or steps order. Thank you again!


This is the first year. It is really an experiment. It is so selective and “secret” the students as well as teachers are asked to not give the school name because they dont want to be deluged or accused of offering "better’ and more well rounded choices. But this sort of thing needs its control group so we can figure out the things that can go wrong and the cost. They wouldn’t give in to the program for so long because of the liability of the heat set paints and using ovens. Not only liability but cost. CHSP are very costly. They can now mjis and brew their own concoction

But all of you are a daily feature in this class from day one. We even discuss the threads. And I wont go into that any further…

I thank you for all of your input…and time

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I am blown away…again

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It is so rewarding seeing improvement with each baby isn’t it​:grin::heart_eyes: