POP QUIZ: How many kits do you have in your stash?


Just for fun, how many kits do you think you have?
I probably have 8 to 10 kits.


2 - I want to make ‘Tibby Twins’ one sitting one standing. I have the human hair and everything waiting. I just haven’t got around to making them, for months. lol


Ten kits :slight_smile:




When I was preparing to move my husband packed up mostly everything. I was working. He said he counted my kits I had on this ikea cart thing. He said he counted fifty. I said did that include the net of kits in the tote? He said no. So I’m thinking 70 or more. I’ve recieved about 6 kits in the mail, in the last week!!


Whole kits about 24 and a lot of heads (estimated like 13) and tons of test limbs lol


35… :joy:


I need to have 8-10… but actually have around 60 I think. :rofl:

Edited to add: This is AFTER selling off a boxful to downsize. Then BB released more realborns, so we all know what happened. I have issues. Lol


Two and a half left…Made up all my kits…


I have managed to get mine worked down to only eight full kits and two heads now .It took a long time of no buying but I did it so as long as something too wonderful to ignore doesn’t come by I am good :smile:


I lost count a loooong time ago. I’m trying to be on a kit diet but it’s not working very well. lol


Have yet to start my first, have all the supplies just haven’t had the courage to take that first step yet! :frowning:


I have Landon, Dominic, and sugar


Not sure lol My guess would be 20-30. I have 3 APPLE boxes/crate full of kits, a HUGE 2 compartment storage unit full of kits, a smaller 3 compartment storage unit full of kits, & I have 9 compartment cube organizer some have kits in there others have my reborning supplies.


The short answer is too many lol. But I think I’m at around 30!!


Between 20 and 25 at the moment.


I had close to 10 years worth of doll kits, almost 200, but my doll armoire was so full I had to cut it down to around 80.:frowning:


I only have one tiny fairy and two heads that I plan to turn into cuddle babies.
I’m behind on everyone here. :joy:


The answer I give my husband to this question is: I have a few,need to stock up.That’s my story and I am sticking to it,when he asks.Truthfully I have over 25 or so…I sold 24 completed dolls between November and December.I am a kit hoarder,I admit it.


I have around 30. Don’t ask how many keepers, lol. :scream:
@LittleFeathersNrsry what are you waiting for, take the plunge, you will be glad you did! :laughing: