POP QUIZ: How many kits do you have in your stash?


Wow @Msmimi04, you have a lot of kits. Tons of babymaking in your future


Please delete, meant to pm someone.


Yes, I really don’t even have the time now. I’m gonna start working on getting the bedroom together. Then I’m gonna start taking a day off here n there.


So many that I’m starting to wonder how long I expect to live in order to get them all done! :laughing:


29 here, 1 shipping to me and 1 on preorder. 2 sets of limbs and 3 heads


None here lol Waiting on a doll to sell so I can stock up on a couple. I never have more than 2 at once, I just buy what I need then sell those. I can never keep a stash lol


I am trying so hard not to buy any too. Mine arw stacking up quick.


I cannot have a large stash. If I have more than about a dozen, I get overwhelmed. That’s probably a good thing. I think I have around 7 not counting the ones I’m working on so I’m okay now.


:crazy_face: I have 5 I’m working on so I’m at my dozen limit.


You are an inspiration, but how do you do it?


You counted them? You don’t stop impressing me.


I have a bad addiction but since I purchased quinnlynn I haulted. For now. I love the realborns and I love a good sale. It’s hard to say no.


:wink: I have a list. In a notebook in my desk.


I can only afford to get one at a time :frowning: (I make one, sell it, and use the profit to get the next one)


Last count was around 70. I’ve got more since then that I haven’t logged in my notebook yet. Hello my name is Carrie and I’m a kit addict. :joy:


@Msmimi04 @DollyPardon @specialmoments @avyona @sewhot and @Anne thank you for sharing. I just want to tell you that you ladies are not alone. I own around 15 rearborn kits, 3 faries, I think 2 sold out kits, more than 30 others new and old kits and one on its way. It feels so good to open up with people that understand. :smile::upside_down_face:
@MaryJane we won’t tell if you don’t tell. :wink:

This is my storage unit

The storage unit is full so the rest are store away in boxes


I need to learn so much from you. I don’t even remember what I have. A few weeks ago I bought a body for my husban’s Caleb :speak_no_evil: then looking for another body a few days ago I found another Caleb body.


Hello Carrie. :laughing:


I have 3 unpainted. 3 painted and waiting on hair and then 1 getting painted hair today. Liam is on preorder and I am trying to decide how many of Luxe I am going to order.


Just a guess but I think around 50.