POP QUIZ: How many kits do you have in your stash?


Too many!


I wish I had a stash. It’s been a rough 2017 with both mine and hubby’s cars both needing new transmissions, then I needed a new battery, belt, and alternator. Hoping the car problems ended with the year. Right now I have 2 kits that I am working on. I was supposed to get them done to sell for Christmas but with the car problems I had to work extra shifts and didn’t get it done. I also have a fairy kit that is a keeper for my daughter. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift but again I didn’t get it done.


:joy: :joy:


I have 4 unpainted and 3 WIP. This is the most I have ever had at one time :joy: Usually I have only one or two and I’m working on them. I guess I’m not a kit collector. Maybe I would be if I had the space… But my five kids take up a lot of room(s) lol


It’s the most I’ve ever had at once. Lol.
And that only because I had to use the christmas 20 dollars off lol


About 250 to 300 if not more. I started in 2005 so my collection is huge. I would love to down size some but I know I will regret getting rid of any of my hard to find kits. I have my own studio with 2 closets since it was a master bedroom at one point in time, and only have one son living at home. Hubby put shelves on the wall a few years ago for more storage. Funny thing is I am not a doll collector just a collector of anything to make dolls.


I would say 15 at most. Unless you include the silicones, then 20 at most.
Let’s see, Levi Brown, Knox Eagles, Ellis Auer, 2 Realborn Landon, Realborn Miya, 2 Heather Rubert, Ginger Fagan, Marcus Kitagawa on the way, and a few more (plus some silicones). And a few works in progress


I have about 30 at the moment, plus Marcus Kitagawa and Phoenix Arcello headed my way. I’ve been on a kit diet for the past 6 months, but every now and then I cheat lol. Sometimes I just see a kit and can’t pass it up, even though I have more than a year’s worth of kits already!


Last count was 65 -


8 plus a head. Don’t have room for much more than that.


214 :joy:


oh my! Where do you put them??? lol


I have them in big storage bins in my work space. But they have taken over my mom’s spare bedroom too.


my note books says 38 but i probably have 25 or 30 more not on the list.
Hello my name is Judy and i have a problem with buying so many cute kits. Bought 4 more with the Christmas coupon, 4 kits and 2 bodies for 107 how could i not get them
@ were realborns. I also have my eyes on more lol

And oh the baby clothes 1 giant tote and 2 small totes


I gotta figure how I’m gonna store my kits now. What I was using, I don’t wanna use any more.


I use large Rubbermaid totes.


@trilliants for the win! :rofl: Oh. My… I’m feeling a bit better about my stash now.

But seriously, I’m painting and trying to ignore all of the new releases. My doll room is very small and would be so much more tidy with fewer kits.


I have 3 (including preorders) but if we are only counting the ones at home, I have just 1. That’s Pebbles, I just got her for my birthday!



I probably have 30