POP QUIZ: How many kits do you have in your stash?


That just made me crack up! :joy::joy::joy: My husband came upstairs to ask if I was okay.


Maybe 10? There are 3 more I want but I told myself 10 was my max :tired_face:


One day I will take pictures and you can see my madness. It drives my hubby crazy. So needless to say he doesn’t come in my room. The postman will come and my hubby will leave it in our entry way with a text sent to me that says “another baby has arrived”. He asked me one day when my youngest moves out if I wanted him to knock out the wall so I can have a bigger room. :smile:


My answer is NOT ENOUGH, NEVER ENOUGH!!! I have somewhere around 10 not started, 3 or 4 in progress, a few that need serious help (two are the prepainted, a blue fairy and two more), and some bits and pieces left over. And I pretty much wasn’t doing anything this last year. Of course today BB has a great sale which is sucking my fingers onto the keyboard going "buy me, I am so cute!, You know you want to, your hubby will never notice another box in the closet of unborn dolls…) Seriously still addicted…besides I am low on keepers, people keep falling in love with them. Biting the bullet now and ordering one more baby!




You must be reading my mind. I was literally thinking “I hope she posts pics of this stash one day.” Probably looks like BB posting a pic of their inventory. :rofl: And oh yes, hubby, please Do! Hahaaa


Around 120 ish . Gotta go thru them very soon and sell some off. But which ones ?? I know what will happen…not that one…not that one …or that one …and so on.


At least 30-40. I need to get them all out of the closet and make a list in case I want to sell them.


I can’t remember. Lol. And sometimes I end up with two of the same kind because I can’t remember lol and I just started. Lord help me lol!


@Karenjohnson, I do that and sometimes I think I have one that I don’t really have.


And they end up being twins lol.


I was lucky to find the white thing at the good will. Yes I go there a lot :grin: my drying rack $4, storing rack $10, 2 baskets $5 and $4 I love that store. I hope you find a good place to store your kits. I wouldn’t want anything happening to them. I use to store mines with the body and aurora sky develop a dent because if the cable ties. Thankfully it went away, but it is so hard to keep so many kits safe. I’m constantly checking them and putting them in order by size and value.






Thank you ladies now when my husband ask me ,Don’t you have to many kirmts already? I can say well the ladies have more than 100 I only have around 50-60. :laughing:


I use to go to the goodwill when I had time. I’m going to work half a day next week to go.


I’ve got 74 kits, 9 of which are keepers. Plus tons of floating heads and limb sets.
Time to do some kit swapping lol.


You made me go through my stash… now I’m wondering if I should clear out a few of my least favorites… :unamused: Whyd you have to call us hoarders out like that! :joy::joy::joy:




Instead of calling hoarding, i’ll call it devotion to a task.