POP QUIZ: How many kits do you have in your stash?


This is the best!! Do you mind if I share it on my Facebook page sometime?


21…9 which are to be sold. The rest are for my collection. I keep a spreadsheet of my inventory, so it’s easy to count all the ones labeled as “stashed.”


@DollyPardon That was funny!


33, plus 2 gorillas and 4 heads. While I completely understand BB’s brilliant business model, I can’t resist it! Well…I kind of can. Which is why it’s 30 and not 300 :joy:


It’s not mine, don’t know who it belongs to. I’ve seen it around here and there, so I guess it’s fine to share.


Thanks! I looked it up and it’s on the artists website:)


LoL…the first step is admitting that we have a problem.


I am down to 9! Not counting couple on pre-orders.


Probably 25-30?


LOL way too many I have not counted them.


@hellbunny33, @trilliants You guys wouldn’t have a Linus by Gudrun Legler in your stash would ya?..:grin:


No Linus.


Somehow only 18… all but 2 of which are keepers. I also have one on pre-order, 2 I am anxiously waiting to pre-order, I really want another Journey when the second edition is released, and I also want to get a Laila realborn, Landon realborn, twins a and b.


I have 14 or 15…I should go count LOL

I did buy two Zuri that I don’t have yet and I have Tink and Liam on preorder.


Just did inventory and I “lied” before…i don’t have 30. I have 45 not including the 6 I’m working on and the 2 in transit!! :sweat::zipper_mouth_face::hushed:


30, 45… not much difference. :rofl:


Bahaha, I just HAD to have them!


Ahhh add 2 more realborns to mine. Blame BB and their sales !! :wink:


Oh, I think about a million, that’s pretty close!!! hahaha


Nope no Linus unless it’s hiding some where :slight_smile: