POP QUIZ: How many kits do you have in your stash?


Short answer: too many! Long answer… 23 plus a head. Out of those, 5 are done painting or almost done painting. So really only 18 :wink:


You know… I’m trying to clear out a little bit and somehow it’s not working… :joy::joy::joy: I may be addicted to trading now! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Hello- my name is Steffany and I’m a doll kit hoarder…


Now 217 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Added Marcus and two Zoe.


GOOD GRAVY!!! :joy: I tip my hat to you!


I have my first and second babies resting in the bed. 4 babies ready for selling. One being rooted and two waiting to be rooted. Two sitting on a towel on the kitchen counter because they had their baths and one little one hanging out in a bag waiting on her twin to be ordered. Oh and there is a Liam and two Luxe kits preordered…Oh man…One on the way because someone made a complete (all but the money) order for a custom…She may still want the baby but hey, what’s one more. Especially from the kits some people here have hanging around. :wink:


I have 41 (4 Bountiful Baby) and Luxe and Tink on pre-order. Madison Auer should arrive tomorrow. I really feel better after reading the quantity some of you guys have, but I think I completed fewer than 10 babies last year so I have 4 year’s worth of babies (if I don’t buy any more kits).


Those darn sales! Lord help me when that half off all vinyls coupon happens in March…


Oh I hear ya.
Just put in a huge order for supplies from BB. Because the exchange rate ($) is so far apart, doing a big order works best for me with shipping. Any little saving is good :sweat_smile:


@hellbunny33 you are making me feel sooo much better! Thank you!
I’ve got 9 big plastic bins full of kits and another small box of fairies plus probably 4 finished dolls that need to be sold asap.
Apparently somewhere along the line I tricked myself into thinking I’m immortal!


I forgot about Brynne - she is on order too!


I decided to look at all of my certificates since I separate them from the kit. I have 120 Limited Edition kits. I also have 4 preorders including Liam, (2) Tink, and Betty. I have 40 Realborns including some of the limited edition ones. I haven’t even counted my Bountiful Baby kits yet. And that doesn’t include my small kits by Marita Winters, and kits that may still have the certificate with them. However I did notice a pattern of the artist I buy. I have 9 Bonnie Brown, 12 Cassie Brace, 13 Laura Lee Eagles, 14 Natalie Blick, 9 Olga Auer, 6 Romie Strydom, 4 Natalie Scholl, and a whole bunch of miscellaneous artists. I figure out that I have around $12,000 invested in just those kits. I found some kits that I forgot I had, and I realize I really do have a kit hoarding problem. I don’t think if I live to be a 100 would I be able to finish them. We are actually thinking about down sizing to a smaller house. I told hubby last night that we can’t move anywhere since I have a hard time selling my blank kits, since I may want to make one of them someday. Good note I now have an inventory list :grinning:


@2layz, i’m happy to help :0)


@trilliants, maybe I should do a little math to see how many I’ll have to do to beat my life expectancy.


I tried to avoid this subject when i first saw it. I casually started counting and got to 22 then reality hit me–WHAT HAVE I DONE?? as I know for a fact i have tons more. hubby is outta town so it’s safe to pull everthing out. stay tuned…


Well after today’s sale… add more for most of us! LOL :wink:

I snagged a Joseph Awake


Not me, lol. I resisted. Actually I still don’t feel so good so that helped me not go buying cause I did look.


Does anyone have a Harley byMelody Hess they would be willing to sell? :slight_smile:


I feel I am getting low on kits. I have about 19.


OK so now you all made me go pull out all my kits and make a list. I’ve got kits I didn’t even know I had and more than one of some of them! Big sale coming soon on my extras and I’m getting ready to paint some lovely surprises I found!
If you are looking for any BB kits, let me know. I’ve got Piglets!


Yeah looks like we are a club of two :smile: still staying strong although that new Joseph almost caught me in it’s snare lol.