I’m starting this thread so people can post the names of people they’ve had positive transactions with! Might wanna bookmark this ladies, it could be helpful! :wink:

NO NEGATIVE transactions can be posted here to avoid drama…if someone else wants to make a different thread about that they can but I personally won’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When posting feedback:

-state whether that person bought, sold or traded with you

-use the @ symbol and their forum username to tag them (ex: @izzy)

When searching for feedback:

-click the magnifying glass at the top of the screen

-check the box that says ‘search this topic’

-search the username of the person you want to see feedback for…if they have feedback on this thread it should pop up

Hopefully this helps somewhat! :slight_smile:


Great idea. When my kids go to bed I will figure out everyone I just sold to and post them.

But I have done trades with @nikkiroc & @lisalampe roots my babies hair.


I’ve bought from:


Traded with:


Sold to:

(And soo many others, I just can’t remember lol! If you’ve sold, bought or traded with me feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll add your name to the list).


I have bought from;

My second group of 10 that I have bought from is listed on Feb '17


I will edit my list to keep this thread from getting too long.


I “swapped faces” with @TanyaT :slight_smile: (traded)
Sold a head to @RidgetopCreations

And got the kit from @micholc’s PIF by paying for shipping

I recieved a PIF from @AmandasBabies, and sent a PIF to @TanyaT

: :flushed: all of my emoticons changed! :zipper_mouth: lol

*Edited to add - Swap baby received from @jeanhai and I sent one to her.


I bought from @mcnair6


My list would be so long!!!


That’s a good thing! :wink:


Edit to add more positive feedback…
Bought a head from @jlesser
Bought beautiful mohair many times from @sugargliderus
Bought sugargliderus mohair from @DearBaby
Sent a kit to @WillowsWeeOnes to be painted for me, he turned out beautiful.
Bought a kit from @portraitjumeau
Bought Juliet heads and micro preemie hunybug pacis , and received preemie diapers from @JillianJade
I have bought things from @wispywillowrebo
I have had a positive experience with all of these forum members. The members on this forum are so supportive and encouraging. And I love to see all the WIP and finished pictures.


I have bought from @Blissfulbabies & @JillianJade & received piff from @honojane. I think I’m missing people…


@GrammysReborns made my Easter Swap baby and I LOVE him.


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I’ve bought from @WillowsWeeOnes and sold to @Msmimi04 both have been awesome :blush:


Bought a baby from @Blissfulbabies and she’s beautiful. Nicely packaged box and she answered all my questions.

Just bought some mohair from @anjsmiles and that transaction went smoothly :blush:


Bought from


I traded heads with twolipsanddande.
Easter swap with jlesser.


I bought from @Angel76, @wispywillowrebo, kit from @micholc also hair from @sugargliderus.


Thank you! I will list mine tomorrow


I collaborated with @GrammysReborns, and she is awesome! I’ve bought several kits from @sewhot, and all shipped quickly, as well as a kit from @DearBaby, very reliable. :grin:


I have bought from @kimskids @Angel76 @JillianJade @Blissfulbabies @specialmoments @Leslie76 @cajuncuties @laceymichelle @ckn @CamsGigi
There might be others but those I know of for sure.