Prayers for Florida


Prayers for all in the path of Hurticane Micheal ! This one is getting stronger by the minute :heart:️:pray:t2:


I’ll have to look back at the news again. Has it strengthened :persevere:I was hoping it would die down a little. My mom lives in sw Ga n she says schools are cancelled and bottled water is scarce.


During the night they moved it to a cat 4 - and said it was still gaining strength :frowning: prayers for your mom !!


Thanks! I am in Orlando and so scared, but have I have faith God is watching over us.:pray: sending prayers to all in the path of this hurricane.


Praying for you and your family!


I’m farther south, so it looks like we’ll just get rain, but my parents and brother are near Panama City and this is their first real hurricane. My mom is probably a basket case right now. :frowning:


Prayers for their safety !! - I would be too :heart:


Yes He is :heart:️:point_up:t2:- safe travels in the rain ! And Orlando is a place I would love to live I m a Disney fanatic :heart:️:heart:️


I want to organize a trip for us reborners next year. You have to come!


I have friends above Destin area. I’ve seen that area get totally rearranged over the last 30 yrs. Doesn’t look good, hope everyone moved to safer location.


The coastal areas are so dangerous and different from the way they used to be. I’m on the east coast and hurricane Katrina devastated the Eastern shore.


We are planning to move back there… Not sure when. The sooner the better. My mother thinks I’m crazy… Because of hurricanes. I’m in OK… tornado town. I’m thru with those.


I’m from Northeast Ohio. A land of torrential rains, thunder and wind storms, tornados, blizzards, and high humidity and mosquitos. So many mosquitoes. I don’t know why I moved to the east coast lol. I should move to a nice balmy island. Are you from the East coast?


Noooo dont let the 7 “small” tornadoes yesterday make you run off. I won’t have another reborner here :scream:
Mike was across from the one yesterday in mwc and it was enough to change my mind about moving on that side of town. I just need to move somewhere with near perfect weather.


@Tungaro I’m looking at news now. Omg. I had no idea it had strengthened so much.
Prayers for all of u in the path or if u have family there. I’m praying safety for you all.


Take me to ur nice island :palm_tree::slight_smile:


Ok I’ll take you and we’ll call it Reborns Island.


Doesn’t matter where you go they seem to follow. That big one- may 3, '99, missed me by a 1/4 mile. Moved to this side of the city… That other big El reno one plus a few more, plowing our direction. my son moves to Moore-ground zero. Don’t forget earthquakes too. I better get a FL update, it’s gonna be a mess.


From Philly but left a long time ago. That’s my first home. Second one is FL.


I’m seeing that now. No safe zones. I wonder how Utah’s weather is? At least I’ll be close to Rose. My son’s school just sent a txt out that they are evacuating campus. He’s in Columbus ga. Now I have to see about getting him back home :grimacing: