Presley Asleep an LE


A kit I have had for some time. It is one of the LE’s from the first editions. My little carrot top.:grinning:


Awe, she’s beautiful!


She is gorgeous!! What beautiful rooting and hair color !! I hope to become good like that someday! I have a sleeping kit that I need to get to soon. :slight_smile:


She is so beautiful with that color hair! Your rooting is awesome!


She is gorgeous!


May I ask what body you used for her please?


Beautiful baby


Gorgeous!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just so precious! :blush:


She is prescius, I have a kit and thats why I am learning to reborn now. I have all the material to start except the Newave oven. Seen your work is inspirational for me. Thanks for sharing.


Awe…how cute! Love her.


I love her hair!


She’s beautiful!


So Beautiful!


Bountiful Baby #7540


Thank you all for your positive comments. Much appreciated :kissing_heart:


beautiful little girl! I love her hair color and her rooting is perfection. :heart_eyes:


Hi, I am new to reborning. I am just in the research phase. I wanted to know what type of hair do you used.


It is premium fine yearling mohair by Susan Nagel in ‘carrot top’ color.


Lyn, is Susan Nagel hair in Australia or ? Can we get it here in the USA? Where do we order, I have seen dolls in the past rooted with her hair and it is always so pretty! @Missly21