Presley Asleep an LE


I get mine from CORA (city of reborn angels) in Australia.


Thanks for the info, do you know if anyone here (USA) carries it?


@cajuncuties Shannon may know. She had a post on here from about 5 years ago re the hair.


Do you know rather they ship to the US or not?


I just looked it up and yes CORA does ship internationally. It shows up when you add a product to the basket.
Edit: you should get a good deal with the present exchange rates. Worth checking it out.


Because I only root lashes, now, I haven’t ordered from Susan in years. I never had a problem with her hair. At that time of the post, we had limited good suppliers of hair. However, there are several suppliers here in the States that sell quality mohair. Sorry I couldn’t be a better help.


Thanks, Missly21, thats the softness that I want for my first baby reborn.