Priscilla available


I got e mail this morning that Priscilla is available, for those who have money left. I’m sure that isn’t many of us, I just ordered Joseph Awake and Zuri so I’ll be waiting and then there is Owen Awake I want. Gee wish a baby would sell so I could spend more on my addiction. :joy_cat:


I know! I want her so bad! Ordered Zuri when she first went on sale.


I guess I’m still catching up on things. I keep trying to find reasons why I shouldn’t buy one that I want, oh the hand or the eyes or maybe the legs aren’t what I want. That really doesn’t work to good but I keep telling myself stop no more and that doesn’t work either…


I just caved last night and ordered Priscilla and on-sale Zuri.
I waited and waited and finally came to terms with the fact that I would have serious regret if I didn’t.
I LOVE her.


I’ve been hoping Priscilla would go on sale ut then Zuri was on sale sooo after buying Joseph because I couldn’t wait along came Zuri. I keep saying thats the last one no more, right.When you Priscilla tell me what you thnk of the mouth on the sculpt the prototypes look so different on each of them…