Prisma pencil to use for red hair please?


Please kindly let me know what colour of prisma pencil I can use to make a baby having red hair ?
I have a request that baby must have red hair.
I remember one of the pencils turn orange but don’t remember wich one and what would be thperfect for red head baby .

Thank you


I’m not sure how red you want to go but this was Auburn hair that I did.
I used Dark Brown, Chestnut, and Sienna brown. I used dark umber mixed with a bit of ultramarine in GHSP because I used Terra Cotta that turned NEON YELLOW & the dark brown pencil wasn’t enough to cover it.

I used the same colors on this one but it is a bit better to see with the similar styling.


Just have to chime in here and say @specialmoments cierra, I love the way you do hair!!!


@specialmoments that is really nice hair .
Yes something like this wouldn’t be perfect .

I don’t have the chestnut … going to Michaels later in the evening …fingers crossed

Thank you


For this little girl I used Chocolate Brown and Sepia. When I heated it to cure the thick medium I used over it to give it texture it turned this red color.





@californiateri I have dose two !! Thank you .

Now I been wondering how Landon would look with red hair ?


Chocolate bakes orange as well as espresso and burnt ochre :grimacing:


Just wondering if that is just pencil or paint as well? Gorgeous…


The first is pencil and GHSP :slight_smile:


This was prisma pencil with GHSP thick medium over it for texture.