Puppy prayers needed 🐶


This is Gambel (like a Gambel’s quail because he’s a bird dog.) 3 days ago he was fine, loving all over Achilles. Then Achilles parents brought their dog Astro who had parvo as a puppy. We thought he was past the spreading stage. It’s been 4 years since Astro had it. But 3 days after Astro got here, Gambel got sick. He clearly has parvo. But we have no choice but to treat it at home. Astro was treated successfully at home. So we are using the same treatments we did for him. Please pray we can pull Gambel through this. :confused:


So sorry to here that about your dog. :disappointed_relieved:


I am so sorry to hear this and prayers for the puppy. The baby in these pictures (human one) is absolutely adorable!


Poor baby, I hope he gets well soon!! I will definitely pray for him!!


Thanks everyone. He’s starting to get really dehydrated. He stopped drinking this morning. I’m using a turkey baster to force feed Pedialyte. I’m also giving him colloidal silver and pepto. He hates me right now. But I told him he will thank me later. :confused:


So sorry, I hope he gets better soon. Will be praying.


Have you tried chicken broth mixed with Pedialyte? It would give him some nutrition along with the fluids. That’s what parvo does. It strips liquids and nutrition because it aggravates the digestive tract. That’s basically what they need to get through it. That and human contact and heat


I bought chicken broth. But I haven’t tried it yet. He was drinking well yesterday and all through the night. He has a bowl of water and a bowl of pedialyte. He kept going to the pedialyte. Now he won’t willingly go to either. I just keep giving him droppers of pedialyte. I’ll open up the chicken broth and try it this next time.


Parvo sucks. I wish you much luck. My dog had it when he was 8 weeks old and was at the vets for 3 days. My best friend’s dog had it and she took care of her at home. She did the Pedialyte and chicken broth. She pulled through in a couple days.


I had a puppy once who got it and was treated at the vet. He survived fine. And Astro (the one who apparently exposed Gambel) got it right after my daughter and son in law got him. He was about 5 weeks old. I initially paid for them to take him to the vet. But after 24 hours they had to take him home. I just couldn’t afford the vet treatment. But they used colloidal silver and pedialyte and saved him. Then, the vet made them hold off on shots. So he got distemper a couple of months later. They used the same treatment that time too. That dog should be dead. But he’s alive and well. He seems mentally off sometimes. But he’s healthy. I’m hoping and praying we can have the same results with Gambel. He’s such a sweet puppy and the best hunting dog ever. His dad is a $2600 dog and his mom is an $1800 dog. We got him for free because he’s mixed. But he got the best of both breeds.
To top it all off, we WOULD have the money to take him to the vet, but we just used it all to move my daughter and son in law back to Texas from Colorado. My husband is not happy. :confused:


I hope that you do too. Keep us updated!


Poor little buddy! Hope he gets better soon! My dog got into medication as a pup and as a result she frequently gets an upset belly, with vomiting, loss of appetite and diarrhea. Whenever she’s not feeling well I make her some chicken soup. I boil chicken breast in water with some carrots, sometimes white rice too. The chicken and carrots are more to tempt her to drink the broth. It always makes her feel better :heart:


Praying for your family and your puppy. I know parvo is no joke. Is there a discount vet program in your area?


Praying for your sweet fur baby :pray:


I doubt there’s a discount program here. I’ve never heard of one. I’m giving him chicken broth now. He hasn’t vomited in a few hours. And his gums are getting pinker. Last night he still looked well hydrated despite all the vomiting and diarrhea. Today he’s just dry heaving and hasn’t pooped. He doesn’t look good. But he doesn’t look as bad as he did a few hours ago. :confused:


Oh man. There should be something. I would try to see if a vet would offer a discount or a payment plan. He’s a fighter and is fighting so hard, but he’s so little and that’s scary. Does he have a fever or anything else?


I don’t know if he has fever. But if we can just keep him hydrated, I’m sure he will pull through. My experience is 100% survival rate with parvo. I’m going to trust God to keep that rate at 100%.


I’m going too as well. I need to see more glasses as half full dangit. Please let us know how he’s doing as often as you can.


Here he is right now. He’s trying to hide in the corner. He doesn’t like me bothering him. :grimacing:


Poor guy. He’s like mom, get that out of here.