Question about sculpts


Why do so many beautiful kits come out with 3/4 limbs? That’s one thing I love about realborns, they have full arms and legs. (I know realborns are from a scan and not sculpted.)

Just wondering why they don’t go ahead and do the full limbs for the new kits from sculptors.


I was wondering the same


Maybe they should offer both!

I like the 3/4 limbs as they are softer to cuddle, and I like the full limbs for display dolls. Suffice to say I would only display the realborns and full limbs. I prefer not to use 1/4 limbs and gravitate towards no limbs for Cuddle babies. Am currently looking to make a full body but for display only. So everyone has their preferences and that is my take on it. :smile:


I prefer 3/4 limbs, and actually I love my doll with 1/4 limbs; she is so cuddly and can be posed so much better. I do not mind looking fr clothing that covers the tops of the limbs.


I love full limbs for clothing options. For cuddling 3/4 arms and full limbs are fine by me. I hate 3/4 legs. They just don’t look nice and I can’t put the doll in a cute onesie.


/I agree deedee, I don’t mind 3/4 arms but I hate 3/4 legs. I can’t stand the leg cap and the legs generally go crazy when you pick them up.


Oh goodness, those windmill legs!


I agree! I hate 3/4 legs!


It all depends how well is the body made; perfectly fitting caps for the legs and just right tightened joints, do nothing of the sort. I like the onesies with bit of a leg anyway.


I’m picturing crazy legs now.


I lke the 3/4 better also. more posableOnly down side is using.with no sleeve shirts