Question About trust levels


I was looking through my information on here and noticed the trust level section it had me as regular I have been here since 2016 that prompted me to look at others some were here since 2014 were listed as regular some were listed as member then some just joined and were listed as member what is the difference?
How will that tell you if they are trust worthy ?


I dont think it tells you if they are trustworthy but I think it reflects their recent activity. Regular will be those who comment daily, etc. Member is someone who has been here awhile but isn’t as active right now as others.

(I could be wrong but that is how I think it works)


I do not know but if I see Trust Level that to me means how much I should trust them :smile: It is one of those inquiring minds want to know question I guess.


Oh Oh ooh I just remembered on one of the scammers it had something to the effect that they were not trust worthy I can not for the life of me remember now what her sign in name was .


Just found one that’s listed as Basic User I found a whole new thing to look at :rofl: Okay that was interesting done now .


I’d assume it’s just based on how much you post? Perhaps also on how much people liked your posts.


I’ve been a member here for years now…but due to work and every day Life I don’t get on as much as I used to. My trust level went from regular to member because of that. There are many people on here that know of me. I post wip pics as well as portraits I draw


Where do you see your trust level?


I click on the picture you have by your sign in name a couple of times and the info pops up and that is one of the things that shows .

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So what are the different trust levels…? Thank you for helping an ignorant mind. lol


Your welcome and from what I have read it has nothing to do with the who can you trust factor lol and more to do with who is on here more .
I have clicked on several and have found Basic User , Regular, Member and one a while back that did have something to do with trust but I cannot even remember what one I clicked on now :smile:
But just recently when I was playing with it I clicked on some known shady ones and they just showed the regular , member and basic so that sure wouldn’t give you a heads up lol .


Like other online forums, I believe ‘basic user’ is someone who has recently joined, ‘member’ has been here for a while but not active regularly, and ‘regular’ are the folks who should be cleaning their classrooms and entering grades during their conference periods, but instead pop onto the forum to see friends and throw in their two cents :rofl:

It’s just data though, not actual trust :slight_smile:


No classrooms to clean for me. But I should be doing dishes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had the brilliant idea to give my Art I students free rein over the art materials for their next project (all different from each other). That plus the fact that I teach five different courses = artsplosion! At least that’s the best kind of 'splosion.


Yeah I am trying to check in at least once a day so my trust level stays regular :smile: