Questions on washes and varnishes


I was wondering…what is a wash? Also on the dvd i got it shows using varnish. If I use the heat set varnish the skin turns out chalky. If i use the air dry varnish it turns out shiny. Do i have to use a varnish? What if i did the heat set one first and then the air dry one? Help!!!


if it is still chalky after you bake, bake it again. It just isn’t set yet. the matte finish needs a slightly higher temp and a few minutes longer. i’d say 170 for 10 minutes but keep an eye on it!!! if it is still chalky, let it cool and do it again. It will go away.


Thank you so much. Do we need to do the varnish?


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If you apply the heat set varnish very thin, make sure it is completely dry and not thick in the creases, and bake it 2 or 3 times 8 minutes each with a complete cool down in between it shouldn’t be chalky…if it is you are applying it too thick.


Thank you so much!