Rag doll sewing


I’m new and waiting for my nuwave oven for my ghsp and need some primary colors so I thought I might post what I am able to work on. This is Simplicity 2809 altered to have hair for an older doll. I would love to see if anyone else likes to sew toys as well!


Sewwwww cute! Lol :joy:


:joy: Thanks!


How cute are they!! Great work!!


Awww, they’re cute!


Awww! Those are cute!! I also love to sew dolls!!


Sew So cute!! You can make lovies for your reborns :blush: I would love to sew little lovies for my dolls but, I don’t have the time or the space to paint and keep my sewing machine set up.
You did great and I love their little outfits too :blush:


I love them! I’ve always loved the sculpting for the fingers and toes! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! I just recently started making clothes and plan on making an outfit that matches my toddlers. I just got a craft table so I wouldn’t take over the dining room table anymore. :joy:



This is a site that I have used in the past. Love their patterns.

Your dolls are so cute. You did a great job.


I hear ya! My painting table is our kitchen table.
You might have too much reborning paint supplies if it fills nearly your entire kitchen table :flushed:… and that’s when I’m not painting! When I’m working on a doll I do take up the entire table :grimacing: not counting non-paint related supplies, photo props, baby clothes, diapers, pacis, bottles, mohair, and the list goes on… Welcome to this crazy addiction :wink:


So true. I live alone and reborning has invaded my entire house. Thank God it’s only about 900 square feet. Lol


@avyona :slight_smile: :heart:


Thanks! I can never pull off the hair like what you did…I love it!


They are so cute! I love making the cloth dolls, but haven’t made any in a while. My grandson has taken over my dinning table with his homework and projects, but hopefully one day I will get my table back. Currently I can only squeeze in enough time to sew bodies for my reborns or other little things I need for them. Here are some I made in the past.


These are adorable…I love the fairy!


Here is a post about @avyona’s hoop pattern!



Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I sculpt, draw, use prismacolor pencils and markers, sew, crochet, and do any type of art imaginable! I have built up supplies for all of it too. :sweat_smile: Then I was like, hey! I know, let’s also reborn babies! :joy:


They are so pretty! I love the long legged art dolls too! I’m especially fond of the animal hybrid looking ones. :blush:


Thanks! I will have to check them out when I’m actually making money selling something rather than building supplies.