Ramsey Brace 😍


I just had to share the sheer perfection of Ramsey here! I usually show my mom all the new kits I get, but since this one is for her, I’ve got to keep the babe a secret. I honestly was on the fence about Ramsey when I preordered, but I love her so much I just bought another one :see_no_evil: Has anyone else gotten their Ramsey yet?

With April


I’m still waiting on my invoice for her. Who did you order from?


MacPhersons. I had paid in full at time of preorder. I was surprised to have her already! Who did you order from?


I ordered from Irresistible


Hopefully you will get your invoice soon! I know Cassie said she was waiting for all dealers to have their kits before shipping, so maybe Sandie is just organizing everything.


Im still waiting for my April AND my Ramsey. I see they have gotten Ramsey in at Once so Real in Germany but I preordered mine from Bebaby in Italy and still nothing :frowning: . Im hoping the April kits come to Europe soon, I have two on preorder.


I’m waiting on my April and Ramsey. I should be getting Ramsey either today or tomorrow.


Oh so sweet!


Just finished painting mine.still have hair and eyebrows


Oooo do share pictures if you have them!


he still needs eyebrows and hair and lashes.then ill seal


I got my Ramsey kits on Monday and they are beautiful. Unfortunately no time to paint right now.


YAY, I just got the request for the final balance on my Ramsey so he will be coming soon :slight_smile:


Where did you get Ramsey’s hat and outfit? Looks perfect for her!


The outfit is from Carters! It fits her so nicely. I don’t know where the hat is from though, I’ve had it for years and it doesn’t have a tag.
You can find the outfit here


thank you! I have a gift card for there too!