Real Darren Now - Realborn Darren coming VERY soon!


Hey Everyone!

I couldn’t wait to share the news! Realborn Darren is arriving sooner than expected. We are now expecting him THIS WEEK! I see my real Darren so much in his Realborn, I cannot wait to have a Darren kit of my own!

I wanted to share this more recent photo of my real Darren. He is still a petite little guy, but he is such an energetic boy! I have never seen a 1 year old run as fast as he does! He still loves jumping in his jumper as well. He will jump for hours straight and beg us to put him back in his jumper if anyone picks him up. He’s a future olympian in training. :wink: I love this little boy!

Realborn Darren is small newborn sized, he is about 17.5 inches long. Keep your eye out for his release! If you have not already, you can sign up to be notified here:


(real Darren’s mommy)


He is a real cutie, you must be very proud.


You’re killin’ me Jessica! :wink:
He is sooo stinkin cute!


Thank you so much! @juliehougue327 @jlesser

I am a proud mommy for sure. :slight_smile:



Aww he’s awesome. Hummm how about a toddler kit of him with that beautiful smile.


He is SO, VERY cute! Just precious!!


He’s just darling! :blue_heart: Another vinyl grandchild for me :laughing:


Awwweee, what a cutie! I wanna see more ‘now’ pics of the Realborns <3


He is just so precious! I can’t wait for his release, one of the best realborns for sure!


What a sweetheart! So adorable.
He looks like Joseph!


He is just such a Cutie pie! I love his kit too.


What a sweet boy, too cute for words!!!


He’s precious!