Realborn Brooklyn


Getting ready to list this little man. First time using air dry for painted hair using Christine’s paints. Not an epic fail so OK with it for first time. Got to work on those yellowish undertones some more. Far from all the great first tries I have seen on the FB page…lol. Definitely different than my Genesis painting with the brushes I am used to using.


My oh my he is precious!! Beautiful work!


He is gorgeous! I have tried painting blonde hair but it seems to come out yellowish and not realistic. How did you get that color?


Love his coloring. Very pretty.



I used the colors you get when you buy Christine’s tutorial. It’s an all-inclusive tutorial. I’m looking forward to getting the dark-haired one, as well.


That is beautiful, I have been wondering if the tutorial was worth the cost and the more I see, the more I think it is.


He is gorgeous!

I bought the kit also, and found it was too yellow for my liking…and not blonde enough.


Beautiful Babe!!!


I’m going to skip the base brown the next time and lean towards adding more white for the upper layers. I wish I had a bit of purple airdry to add to the mix. That should help neutralize the yellow.:thinking:


He is beautiful I love the hair looks so 3D


Congrats on his sale!


Thanks! :grinning: