Reborn anxiety


That’s not a kit, it’s a hospital training mannequin, I think the name is Anna, could be wrong on that though. I used to look at them all the time (years ago).


She is a hospital mannequin and her name is Amy. They had a twin boy named Anthony available at that time, as well. She is weighted and anatomically correct.


I love her, I am going to look her up! Thanks @lynn and @Meandmydollie


I knew I was "off’ on the name, but I got close!! hahaha


Why is it okay for men to play with toy trains, model cars, airplanes, etc. Not to mention war re-enactments…BUT it’s not okay for a woman to play with dolls.


Double Standard!! It’s always gonna be there!!


I would rather my daughter have a Reborn than a real baby. I’ve liked dolls my whole life. Nothing wrong with you.


Wonderful advice. I think she needs to listen to you.


@Meandmydollie looks hard to find, so cute!


I have loved dolls my entire life and started collecting as an adult. i have porcelain, cabbage patch, and reborn.
started making them in 2008. Do what you like, life is to short to worry about what everyone else thinks you should do. by the way i am 56


A good reborn is a piece of artwork, just on a 3 dimensional canvas. No one questions people collecting paintings and they shouldn’t question these either. Most people just think about dolls as being something for young children and never consider anything else. Sad but true!
I’m glad you are looking forward to getting your reborn and I hope you don’t let anyone take away the happiness it will bring you. There’s nothing wrong with a 17 year old owning a reborn. The problem lies with the people who are telling you it’s wrong and making it uncomfortable for you to have it at your own home.
The way I see it, setting a goal and saving money to accomplish it is a really positive thing and something you should be proud of doing. Listen to your heart, and live your life in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone else and that makes you joyful!


If you were interested, @RebornLyds66 , I have a baby girl for sale for 199$


There’s a saying that the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. Truer words were never spoken as far as I’m concerned.
I started playing with dolls as soon as I was big enough to hold one and I’ve never stopped. I’m 70. Don’t let people who don’t ‘get it’ take away your joy. I still have all my childhood dolls and have been reborning for 7 years. It’s my favorite thing to do. I take them out with me, too, so people can see what a reborn looks and feels like. I’ve gotten orders by doing this. Too bad you don’t live around here. We could go together.:yum:


I’m 27 and enjoy them as well. I carry mine around the house, dress her, cuddle her… My family thinks it’s odd, but I’m not too bothered by it.
It’s not destructive, you’re not harming anyone with this hobby.
No need to feel bad about it. :wink:


Interesting. My oldest child is just about 21 and I still love dolls. I have always loved them. Grew up playing with them, made soft sculpture dolls when I got older (like cabbage patch) and now reborns. Caught myself eyeing some waldorf dolls the other day, so I’m going to guess that this isn’t going away anytime soon… and fine with me. One advantage to being my age is that I don’t care much about what other people think. Lol

I say go for it! Hope your family realizes that there are so many worse things you could be interested in and at least be supportive for that reason.

And p.s. If you still have your childhood dolls, I bet you have an amazing collection @jeanhai. Have you ever posted pics of any of them?


I accidentally came across reborns and thought they were very disturbing. I had to order one just to see it. When I opened the box I was taken back. Then I was mesmerized. I didn’t know what to feel. I probably would of never took an interest in them if I didn’t have that initial reaction. Now they are normal. It’s all relative to the amount of exposure to something. If they make you happy go for it. Be slow and prepare the person you want to share them with. They might be mesmerized too.

I think Lynn posted this awhile back. This explains why people are bothered by reborns.


My mom is 76 and has twin reborns that I made for her. She has taken them to Bunco games and Red Hat parties to show them off. She is always telling me about outfits she buys for them. lol You are never too old for babydolls.


I am 54 and I think it is a mindset of some people to love them or not. People are all different… Thank God! How boring if we all liked the same things. I have friends of differing opinions but I guess with age comes the “I don’t care if you like my likes”, mindset. Enjoy being you. You are the only you there is.


@jeanhai I would love to see your old dolls too!


I’ll try but they’re all in a glass case.