Reborn anxiety


That is one of the things I hear so much, people making fun of collectors.

In my opinion, people collect a lot different things that other’s dont necessarily find interesting or to their liking, . But as far as I’m concerned, people should be left alone to collect what they like, as long as it isnt animals for illegal purposes or Humans

And try not to hoard so bad that your family has been wallpapering your city for the last 6 months with missing person posters that have your picture on them.


I compare it to men playing call of duty or war video games. Or even battle reinactment. Comicon. Why is playing war normal and sweet dolls weird? It’s so not weird that I really wouldn’t even debate it. It’s totally normAl and healthy to want to have something to love and care for. Some make that their car, their appearance, home, garden, a pet lizard, video games . to each his own. :heart_eyes:


Some consider them as therapeutic for people with anxiety etc. There’s a video I wish i knew how to upload … an elderly lady with Alzheimer disease and she is handed a reborn and treats it as a baby and begins to function almost normal. When doll not in her arms she goes back to a trance. I just started reborning but I have a doll or 5 and I will be 40 soon… it’s therapeutic it’s fun… reforming is a new hobby I’m trying it motivated me… it’s my therapy. Don’t let anyone deter you from your happy.!!! I tell my kids find your happy everyone needs “happy”


Before I moved to FL 5 years ago, I donated several babies to nursing homes and it was so interesting to see how the patients (men and women both) acted with the baby in their arms. Their faces softened, they became more relaxed, patting and rocking the baby. It’s like an instinct from long ago and once they have a baby to hold it all comes back to them from somewhere deep inside.

I’m 61 and have collected dolls my entire life, so to me it is completely normal. I don’t take them out in public, but they are on display in my home. I don’t care if visitors find my collection creepy, this is my house and I will decorate it as I wish, just like they can decorate their houses to suit them.

I’ve been reborning since 2002 and plan to keep doing it forever. However, l don’t collect reborns other than the few swap reborns I’ve received that will never leave here.

But anxiety over dolls? Nope. It’s your life, live it the way you want to. We only get one chance, make the most of it!


I know this is an old thread but one of the best things about being a reborn artist is the fact I can still play with dolls.

I remember being 11 years old transferred to a new school and asking a girl i met if she wanted to come over and play barbies.

i was so devastated and humiliated that she and several other girls made fun of me.

that was the day i put all my dolls in a box and had my dad put them in an attic.


You’re so right. I love dolls. Always have.
I still go to the toy store to look at all the cute dolls.


So many little girls grow up too fast when they should still be playing with dolls. I have tried to encourage dolls to my 11 year old granddaughter but fear she is losing interest. I did not grow up playing with dolls, was just not interested but boy that changed at 52 and I started collecting dolls from the 50s and 60s. I then started collecting Apple Valley Dolls/Zook Dolls. I then ran across reborns on Ebay by accident and fell in love with Trey and it has been only reborns ever since. Purchased three then decided to give it a try myself. My family is very supportive and seems to love seeing me enjoy this hobby. I don’t sell until I am overrun. I don’t do customs because I think it would stress me out. I am on a semi stop right now after becoming discouraged but will be back at some point. I hope to be back enjoining it this summer and try to get my granddaughter’s interest back in swing.


I do, too, but some of the new ones are butt-ugly.


Those Luvabella dolls are the worst.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with you. I’m 24 and I’ve been collecting reborn dolls since I was 18. Sometimes there will be people who just don’t understand this hobby and think the dolls are creepy. But what matters is that it makes you happy! I’m sorry that your family gives you a hard time. I think my mom just tolerates mine.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks that. Also the MyGeneration dolls are so bland looking. Though I may be biased since I grew up with AG dolls.


Oh honey, it’s not like you are going out and trying to get pregnant. There are so many ugly, judgmental people in the world, don’t let them make you feel awful about yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to roleplay with dolls or anything else. Be yourself and honestly, you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else, so be happy and live your life. I hope you find a baby that melts your heart and makes you happy.

Now, on a personal note, I bought a reborn 15 years ago, when I was 15. I love that doll even now. I played with it and carried it to town at 15 years old. I understand how it feels when your family isn’t supportive, and it sucks. Maybe you can join some reborn roleplaying groups on Facebook so you can find other like-minded people for support. Hugs to you.


I’m 24 I love reborns I got my first one when I turned 20 as an early birthday present