Reborn birthday sleepover


1 more semester!! And then I graduate!!


Awesome, the finish line is near !!! Hooray !!!


Wow that’s so cool :grin:


@candyfloss OMG this is AWESOME!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Everything looks so awesome!


That’s just an awesome idea! Hope the have an amazing time!!


This is So sweet!! Bless their hearts!! I love this!! Keep us posted. You’ve done a wonderful job setting up :slight_smile:


This is so awesome. Wanted to do this with my daughter n friends but they were all DOLLS :roll_eyes: lol. You are so lucky n such n awesome mom. Can’t wait to see their finished babies :two_hearts:


Lunchtime Saturday


This is so cool to see their vision. Can’t wait to see them finished!


FUN!!! I love this idea. Wish I had a young daughter to do this for. My granddaughters live to far.


We had a blast.


Great work girls! That looks like sooo much fun! Why didn’t I get an invite?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome Job !!!


Aw they look great!


Great job! :heart_eyes:


They all look great. but red haired Reese with freckles stole my heart!


Awesome babies!


This is great!! So adorable!


The babies turned out so good!!!