Reborn boxes


Where can I find reborn gift boxes that are not custom. I’ve seen a video and not comfortable sharing the link without permission, but it’s a beautiful baby box that was used as a reborn gift box! It has a flap top with magnetic closer. It would be great to find these for super special reborns. :slight_smile:


If you mean like this. I get mine from Joann’s. I only use for special babies.


That’s what I was gonna say. Joanne’s:)


YES!!! Thank you so much!! Perfect!! It’s about 40 mins from me, but well worth it! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh no! I just checked and they are any closer than 50 miles or so. :frowning:


I recently saw beautiful boxes with latches on them, with floral and other patterns, at Michaels. And they go on sale every so often.


TY Angela!! :sparkling_heart:


@marrabo posted some from Dollar General that were on sale. I got a couple but they were not on sale here but they were inexpensive.


What do they look like?


Here is a video of some, lol.

If you want me to take a pic of mine I will. Just let me know @MaryJane


Ross has them also.


Looks like I need to make a shopping trip.Those are pretty.


Ohhhh I need to go shopping too!! I’m hoping the one’s at the $ General are big enough! I Love Ross!!

TY @YelenaRey and @Anne


Have just seen this been doing other things so haven’t been on much but here are the boxes that I got at Dollar General .
16x14 7 inches deep these were the largest I found our store had a half off sale .


I Love them!! I’m going there today lol TY for sharing!


So pretty! Will 19-20" doll fit across?


These types of boxes are in alot of stores, Micheals, $ General, Ross, Joannes. Micheals used to have tons of them all the time but lately not so much :thinking:


Sorry slow to answer I don’t hang out here as much as I did LOL I tried an 18 inch Laila laying corner to corner in one and she fit quite well .


Ours only started to carry them about three to six months ago since they are selling at half price it may be one of the items they get that do not sell well for them and they close them out .


This is from Joanne’s and almost perfect (14x7x8) However, I haven’t seen another one since. The depth makes up for length. I have 20in Zheyna auer in there