Reborn boxes


Oh my goodness! I love that box!


I scored ladies!! This is from two dollar generals. One was much more of a flop with only one box I wanted. I haven’t hit Ross Michaels or I was thinking tj max also!

The smaller boxes will be for some micro babies and gift giving :slight_smile:


So cute! How much were they?


TY! The smallest to largest ranged from 3-10.00!


Looks like you cleared them out!:laughing: The only place I could find the baby ones near me was Joannes. Wonder if Big Lots has any?? here’s a pic for sizing.


I came on to post pics, I see I don’t have to. Nice boxes everyone!


Yes you do I want to see :heart_eyes:


Lol well I thought I had. Then After I checked out the cashier said we have a lot more boxes on the other isle which by the way I checked and didn’t see them. They were so nice. I was kind of aggravated lol. But I love the ones I have and know they have more lol


My Burlington (coat factory) carries them and they usually have tons to choose from.


I had to doublecheck my measurements because both boxes (Zheyna & Teagan) are 14 inches long.The extra depth makes a big difference with the larger one but it’s still a tight fit. I looked online for other sizes but no such luck.:roll_eyes:


That’s a nice store I bet. There isn’t one too close to us.


I will post measurements of a couple of the largest ones a bit later when I get back home :slight_smile:


My largest boxes are 16x14x7 :slight_smile:


@Vanniek The first and last ones were 5, the larger was 10.


Oh my goodness! They are so pretty! I love the designs and colors. Are they from dollar general? I had a coupon for the dollar general for today only and I just couldn’t get there. :cry:


Yes they were from DG! I am going back tomorrow to see if they got any large ones in.


Here Krystle talks about boxes from MacPhersons. They have a special going on till the end of the month.


Are you going to use them to ship your dolls to your customers or just for pretty organizational purposes?
Because if they are for shipments, how/where will you find another box to fit this box in?


For me, I’m going to use them for storage, gift-giving, and dolls. I’m mainly hoping to use them for local shows, if I can find any. But for shipping has boxes in all sizes. :slight_smile:


Cute box.