Reborn Business 101 class?


Does anyone have good recommendations to get info on starting up the business? Going from hobby to the business side etc. I’m about to have a melt down just with business cards. Thought I was settled but then then i investigated a little further and still up in the air. I’ve read about general info for hobby /taxes. Seems I may want to join the other side. If there’s an article called Reborn doll biz 101 and has a flow chart, that would be perfect. However, i’ll take any advice right now thanks.


You could look at this free master class. Yes it’s a commercial, and no I don’t have anythibg invested into this program. I learned so much and took so many notes that my mind was blown. The paid program costs under 500 and used to be under 100.

If you know your style and paint well, the master class is enough to get started. Take lots of notes and screenshots because she goes very fast to get you to pay for the information.

I missed the 10 day system for reborns. Each day working on 2 or more kits, focus on one thing. Base coat, flesh and veins and more. Then you have 2 or more babies to sell that are completed and use less materials and benefit from bulk buying. To a newbie like me, she confirmed that a lot of starter kits waste time and money and has a custom system she recommends that’s available from Creative Impressions Nursery.


Well ask and I shall receive. Thank you. Does this webinar just cover the business aspect of things? And do you know how long it is?I don’t think it said. Just want to make sure i have time allotted for it. thanks again.


You’re welcome! I found it when I started thinking about the business and painting aspects of this art. It’s about an hour and covers organizing your space, painting by numbers (having a system to recreate the same results each time), supplies and how to market yourself. It’s mainly a bit of everything.

The painting system is detailed more in the paid class but she does go over the details. She starts with her story and ends with a sales pitch. It’s about an hour and a half. I’d say go and if you can’t, there’s a makeup after the fact.


OK Ladies, It’s hard to believe that only one person on here has any good advice for moving from hobby to business. If not, how many sell under hobby. When first listing would be the best or easiest? If selling on a FB site-other than my own does anyone list as hobby? Got quite a bit info on my own just reading about small business, but for the example above just not too sure. So anything, any info would be appreciated. (as in the best way to break into actually selling) Thanks.


I think that most people here paint and sell dolls as a hobby. I also think that most of us have come to the conclusion that this would be difficult to turn into a profitable business (search some of the older threads). It’s either feast or famine and most of us don’t make much on each doll anyway. I list on reborns, have not printed business cards or done anything of that nature.


I agree! I’ve painted & sold over 200 dolls but that’s over 7 years. I could have pushed for more but it’s a hobby and not highly profitable. The better I’ve got the longer it takes me to complete one! I’m definitely my own worse critic!


@marleeton I did sell on and I would definitely say the most expensive pkg is not needed. I sold using bronze. I also don’t keep it active, when i do not have anything to list. I am completely scared of Ebay, and as for Etsy–I only got as far as creating an account. BB could use a forum section dedicated to business tips for those that would like to turn it into as such; unless there is one already and I overlooked it.


Oh I get the no profit situation. What I guess I’m after is filing for taxes. I spent quite a bit on supplies and to report that as hobby expenses is not worth it. My understanding is that if your actively pursuing sales it would be considered a business. If I’m wrong about that please let me know. I would be fine with a couple business or ‘hobby cards’, a third party site and call it a hobby. So I’d like to know how everyone handles their earnings and taxes… Hobby or do they do anything at all. It seems to be a fine line because earnings are not the only factor. I have a feeling this is one of those don’t ask, don’t tell subjects. :roll_eyes:


I understand completely. I don’t do things nice and easy. I’m either give it everything or do nothing. I’m the plan, prepare, go live type. I don’t know if that is even a type!


I spend a lot, I make it back. Maybe a bit extra. My accountant is not concerned at all, so I never worried about it either. If I ever blow up and start making prototypes, I’ll worry about it then. :grin:


If it’s just tax laws you are after, maybe have a chat with an accountant in your area and get everything set up right. They could also teach you about record keeping for the stuff you can write off.


Can someone give me advice on how much should I invest in a reborn when the customer might not want to pay my asking price. I’m done painting the doll, I’m beginning to root, but I do not want to spend money on a high quality mohair if the client finds my price expensive. This is an AA doll and I want the curly hair, I have some left over curly human hair I used for my own personal doll, and it worked out just fine. It’s not as soft as a mohair but I don’t want to spend the money if I’m not going to get it back. What do you all suggest? Should I use the human hair or I have some curved ruby red I can use it, but I’m afraid it won’t look good on an AA doll. Or should I swallow the cost and buy the premium mohair?


Never swallow the cost of the reborn or items involved. First you need a deposit that’s non refundable for the supplies. Have everything on writing and signed before it comes to this. You’re not the Goodwill.


Yes. I’ll talk with my friend who said he’d help me get situated. He didn’t know anything about my dolls. I just said hey, I want to start a business. I thought everyone who was selling on reg basis did that. Silly me. I don’t want the headache of it. Now how many dolls will I have to sell to break even. :thinking: Just taken back at the low feedback when I was expecting a bunch. Feel like I entered the twilight zone. Thanks for the info!


Thank you Theara for the advice. Will draw up a contract from now on.


You’re welcome. It’s a business so we treat it like a business. Protect yourself.


The majority of us learned years back that its nearly impossible to live off doll sales. I make enough for the hobby to support its self. That’s what most of us hope for.


I did find more info thru the spyglass. It’s what i was referring to-the supply or inventory issue. No choice I fall into the hobby section,which is one less headache for me. Oy vey :confused:


What do you mean?