Reborn eye questions


He knows I make dolls. He responded with, “Playing with your baby dolls this morning I see?”

So embarrassing. LOL


Thank you! Now I just need to decide between gret and brown. Lol


I wanted to say that also. That is not how it should be.


I like the 20’s in Tink. I’m going to remember this the next time I make her…Who am I kidding, I can’t remember why I walked in to a room, what makes me think I’m going to remember this. :smiley:


Yeah, the half round looks good. I can’t remember what I used in my Tink…I did her before last Christmas.


I used 18mm for Tink. I found 20mm was way too big. You couldn’t see the whites of the eyes…


I used 18 also, I don’t like the dolls to have no (or very little) white showing, I think it looks like an animal eye. JMO


LOLOLOLOL! Would love to be there when they open the message!


These look really good.


Poor Tink still doesn’t have her eyes in lol. I haven’t touched her since this post. I’m hoping to get back to her Tuesday! She’s already sold though so that’s exciting!! Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong! Lol.


I am trying my best not to like Tink but you all make him/her so appealing! :scream:


There are some cute prototypes out there. That’s where my love for her came from. But when you get the kit, it’s not what your expecting so it throws you off a bit. She gradually comes together as you finish her. I’m curious to see my finished version of her and how she will look.
I love this picture of Tink I found online.




It is funny how that works, you are excited to know you have a somewhat guaranteed sale, buy boy does it add a ton of additional pressure if there are any snaffoos


Yep. Lol