Reborns with wigs


I’m a part of the wig wave! Let’s make this happen! I’m new to reborning but experienced with knitting, crocheting and embroidery. Those needles hurt.


Supply and demand. If they become popular again, then the prices should go down…hopefully.
Edited to add: If they become overly popular in the reborn market, China will produce much cheaper versions of them. Also, more companies will carry them causing pricing competition.


Cheaper prices helps right?


The price point of wigs should be weighed against the time it takes a reborner to root or paint hair. If the wigs go down in price, then the reborner’s profit margin(hourly pay) would certainly increase. Also, applying a wig takes a shorter time to do than painting hair or rooting, allowing the artist to complete more reborns.


You’re right. It takes nothing to put a wig on. The lace wigs are nice too. They’re partial, full or half wigs that show the scalp beneath and can be customized.


I’ve sold a toddler with a wig, never tried them for newborns. Maybe I should, it’s so much easier and less painful than rooting.


I did some years ago, I used the Kemper wigs and they were great for larger /toddler dolls. I bought them directly from their site and they had a very nice variety. But then, I believe, the old lady died and who ever took over sent me whole lot of totally wrong sizes and shapes. I had a big fight with them and had to claim on PayPal. It cost me lot to send them back from Australia. Pity, because I would love to put the mohair wigs on large babies.
These 2 wigs supposed to be just one size difference; modeled on the same doll head. The brown one was too big for her so I ordered the same in blond size smaller:


That brown one looks adorable. The blonde one looks like a toupee. :rofl:


Check out Dolls So Real. Their prices are reasonable.


These are the ones I just received. The brown one is not glued yet. The others are on dolls that haven’t been painted. All came from Dolls So Real except the curly one that came from kemper.


I love this idea lol -I hate rooting lol - what type glue do you use to attach them ? I used wigs when I did porclean dolls but they were bad to come unglued after awhile - some of them are really cute and prices aren’t too bad - what is synthetic mohair ?


How about making our own wigs? The bjd and Blythe artists make their own because they can’t root.


I don’t know about the glue. I am open for suggestions.


There are some videos on youtube abour making your own doll wig.


lol that is what i was going to say also a toupee. :laughing:


I love the color of the one in the middle. I bought a human hair wig for the Tibby I just finished …need to get her pics finished.


BB suggests E6000 or GemTac. E6000 has a very strong smell. I use it to set magnets.


The one in the middle is a human hair wig.


I paid $19.95 for the blonde clear Cassidy cap.


I used E6000 to glue wigs. Still use it for magnets.

Here’s my toddler boy Amelia with a wig: