Removing ceramcoat varnish


By the way, in an emergency in case the varnish is not working out because of the type of eyes, what can you use to remove it? I have been looking all over and can’t seem to get an answer from anybody and I even tried to google it.


Do not use acetone on acrylic eyes. Try to peal it off. It depends on what type of eyes you use. I made the mistake years ago and used acetone on acrylic eyes and they got cloudy and were ruined.


Have you tried the Winsor Newton? I have never used it but that is what the ladies recommend on here usually. I have never used the Delta either though so idk for sure. I have used acetone which is kind of a no no because it can make the doll shiny, but so far it has been fine for me, but I bake my babies not sure if you do or if you use air dry! Maybe someone else more experienced will comment soon!!


What is Winsor Newton!! Hee hee! Sounds like a cool name but I have never heard of it before. The eyes still have to dry. One looks great, the other kind of iffy but I am being patient and waiting. I have made so many mistakes in impatience.


when i had to start over, i peeled it off and some i just had to gently scrape off with my nail. It looked fine the second time around. Just use the ceramcoat sparingly!!! you can always add more