Repeat customers


When I started reborning in January, (my first baby, Owen was born on Valentine’s Day) I had some concerns. First and formost, I told myself if I couldn’t make them look real, I wouldn’t keep doing this. Second, I wondered how hard it would be to find a path in this already swamped market. I decided very early on that I would offer a $25 discount to repeat customers. I’m glad to say, of my 6 most recent sells, 3 were to repeat customers. 3 were to new customers. This excites me. A perfect balance. Still building new, while maintaining old. It’s super validating when a customer loves your work enough to come back for more! As for the $25…i think it helps encourage the first purchase. But once they get their doll, they find they would be willing to pay that $25 anyway for the next one. But they all do appreciate the customer service. $25 is an easy way to show them you appreciate their business. :slight_smile:


That’s a good way to build business.

I offer my repeat customers (that were easy to deal with) customs. I make sure to listen to them so I can deliver exactly what they want. I include a personalized thank you card and usually a little something extra to thank them, like an extra outfit, bracelet or something.

Something is working because I get a lot of repeat business and new business from friends and family of previous customers. Enough to sell 4 dolls while the reborns site was down.

The other thing that has really helped is selling to collectors who are active on social media. They will constantly post pictures and next thing you know their followers will be contacting you for dolls. :blush:


That’s a good idea!

I’m currently doing Saskia for a repeat customer, but I don’t think I will do another. She keeps asking for more, and cheaper. Wanted another baby under $100 or even free — her words!


Now these kinds of people I do not do customs for. While I am as polite and accommodating as I can be, there are limits. The last lady that kept pushing me got refunded and blocked.

Now I’m more careful. The details are clarified up front and when we are done, we are done. That’s the only way I can work.


Yikes! That’s definitely the kind of customer to refuse to work with in the future your Saskia is way too cute to discount anyway. :grimacing:


She wanted another one done to be shipped along with Saskia.


Get rid of her fast


How much are you selling Saskia for?


Shaylen Maxwell talks about this. Offering discounts or contests with a coupon. You’re doing amazing. Your last babies have blown me away.


She had wanted more clothing than w3 agreed on (one outfit and blanket), so I upped the price. Then she said she didn’t want any extra clothing (after I already picked up a couple of cheap items)


I will take advice from you ladies here. I can see that this one will get no more customs from me


Your babies have gotten more and more beautiful. The Saskia kit is expensive and so is your time. I’d refund her. She doesn’t value you or your art. You’re barely breaking even with the discount.


She is definitely worth more that that!!!


Oh boy…ready for this? Customer still owes me $28. This is what she messaged me tonight.

“So we had a huge thing with money. Is there anyway I could take the $28 off”. I told her I could wait til she finished paying. I’m in no rush. She says “that’ll be a while. I’m soo sorry. I was gonna pay today but my money had a situation“

Now she’s asking me to finish him with his soother…and I don’t even know if she’s gonna finish paying him!

What do I do?


Don’t send until paid.


I would tell her that is already as cheap as you can go if she can’t pay and has money issues I would offer her a refund and then sell the doll for more. No way would I give it to her without the money due paid.


Yeah, I am not gonna put the magnet in OR send him without being paid. Hmmmm…maybe I’ll offer her the refund

She just messaged “so, is there anything you need to tell me?” Ha!


I would say “ya here is your refund” lol. You could get more for that baby as it is, she is being greedy.


Yep. Tell her here’s your refund. Move on. Sell that baby for what it’s worth. Your work is great. Find someone to appreciate it.


What if she badmouths me?