Repeat customers


Hmm. Good question. I know on the scammer sites they insist on screen shots to prove bad service. You need to screen shot every conversation with her. Then go join the Facebook scammer pages. If she tries to bad mouth you, people will automatically come to your rescue demanding to see screen shots to prove her side of the story. They won’t believe her without proof. And if you’re in the groups you can defend yourself. They will delete her posts if she can’t validate her story. Scammer groups are all keenly aware of customers like her. They tend to give the seller benefit of the doubt over the buyer.


refund her and tell her she is causing you way too much stress! Don’t worry about her badmouthing you, honestly! You and your work for speak for itself… don’t let her hold you hostage with weird demands… People like her are toxic, not worth it


So… I refunded her the money and told her I was done. She hasn’t responded yet

I’ll be posting him tomorrow on reborns


Sounds like the right decision. Hope he sells fast for you. It’s a popular sculpt and he looks great so you shouldn’t have a problem.


Great decision. I’m sure you’ll sleep better tonight knowing you are done with her. :wink:


she just replied numerous times :frowning: I haven’t opened the messaGES

…her daughter was the one asking for free doll
…shell do anything, this is her daughter’s dream doll
…she wont bother me again after she gets this baby

Ugggh… I can’t respond tonight


My advice - No is no. She had her chances. I would run from “customers” like her. There is no guarantee that she will not bother you again after her daughter “played” the baby or for whatever reason.

But anyway - go with your gut feeling.


The lady that kept asking me for stuff, free upgrades, extra everything that I refunded messaged me for days. I glanced at one, but deleted the rest. I never responded to any as I felt like there would be no point… but then again I’m the patient type who tolerates a lot. When I’m done though, I’m done.

Your did the right thing. Wash your hands of this craziness and enjoy your evening. :blush: