Rooting Services - Is there a need/ want?


Would there be an interest in ROTTING SERVICES?
You can find my work here:
or which is my website
If the need exists, I will post prices and details.
Thank you.


I know I have seen a few posts on here every once in awhile looking for a rooter.

Your rooting is gorgeous!


would love to have you root my babys-affordability is a serious consideration, Thank you for even considering this service!!


Yes, I would be interested for my Liam if on he will be home and painted…he will be a keeper .


Absolutely. Prices please!


I would possibly be interested. Do you have a price list?


I would be interested as well


I have been working on my price list and here it is YAYYY!!! :):heart_eyes:

Let me know if I can be of help.


One week turnaround? You are a super fast rooter! Wish I could root that fast!


I have liked your page on FB Barbara and I were just talking about you lol all good. yes there is a need. I do hire rooters occasionally <3


If I lived in the US, I’d definitely use your service for my keepers! Beautiful work!


Thank you very much! I appreciate all your kind words.
Yes, I am in the US (Indiana). Feel free to get in touch.


Aww thank You! That s very kind! I appreciate that!


Which example would consider sparcely rooted ? I am very interested


The image with the ruler shows the regular rooting (1 to 2 hairs per mm) and sparsely rooting is 1 to 2 hairs per 2 mm. About half the density.


Yes definitely interested!!


If you have work, just contact me and we’ll arrange it.
Thank you


Do you root silicones?


I don’t work on silicones at this time. You may check with Cheri Ziegra who specializes in silicones.


I sent you a Facebook message! :slight_smile: I asked you on there about silicone as well so just disregard that particular message :wink: I do have 2 reborns I’d like to get on your list, tho!