Rose Doll Show 2019


1.Have you been before or is this your first time? First time! I’m so excited!
2.Are you flying or driving? Flying from Florida
3.What are you most excited about? So excited about being around other doll people who won’t think I’m weird. I’m also very excited to see the “big name” ladies like Jacqueline Kramer and Bianca Franke. I want to take a good look at prototype details.
4.When do you get there? Not sure yet!
5.Are you arriving solo or in a big group? I’m bringing my mom along, she lives in Idaho so we’ll meet in Utah and spend the week together :heart:
6.Taking any classes? No classes for me this year I don’t think. Everything is SO expensive. But I do want to make the trip worth it so we’ll see. I’d love to take the ethnic reborning class, I also wanted to do the silicone one but it’s sold out now. Maybe next year.

I’m so excited! I’ve been watched random Rose show videos on youtube from years past haha. I think I might enter a baby into the contest. I’m not sure yet though :grimacing:


Does anyone know if they’re doing a combo pass this year? Or if I need to buy tickets to the activities all separately?


They are not doing combo passes this year


I would get your tickets now.

  1. Have you been before or is this your first time? 1st time!

  2. Are you flying or driving? Driving

  3. What are you most excited about?
    Everything!!! I am attending all of the events and I have a table as well.

  4. When do you get there? Not sure just yet, probably a couple days before.

  5. Are you arriving solo or in a big group? I have extended family in Utah so my husband and kiddos are coming with me.

  6. Are you taking any classes? Yes, I’m taking Jaqueline Kramer’s rooting class and I am so excited!

  7. How when did you discover reborns? I found them randomly online in 2017.

  8. Is there a particular artist that you are excited to see at Rose? I’m excited to see everyone!

  9. Do you prefer reborns or silicone dolls and why? I love them both, although I don’t own a silicone and have not yet reborned a silicone baby.


@YelenaRey I hope we are both able to make it to Orlando this year :heart::heart:️ I also live in Georgia as well :slight_smile:


I’ll be very glad to meet you.


Whoooo HOOOOO I’ll be there!!!


It’s to the 22nd :slight_smile:


Thank you, yes, I know. I just never know in advance how’s my working schedule will go. I’ll put my vacation request next week and hopefully it will be approved. It would be awesome to meet there! At least we planned a team of three on the East Coast already!


Oh I hope you’re approved!! I live only about 1.5-2 hours away!!


Long Island

  1. How/when did you discover Reborns?

I discovered them many years ago when they were first becoming popular and always wanted one in memory of my son.

  1. Is there a particular artist that you are excited to see at Rose?

Always excited to see LLE. But also excited to see Cassie Brace, Bianca Franke, and always good to see Jacky Kramer.

  1. Do you prefer reborns or silicone dolls and why?

I prefer reborns. Silicones are neat but they are way too expensive. Not to mention they need to be powdered and attract lint.

  1. How when did you discover reborns?
    Last year and I am so happy that I did.

  2. Is there a particular artists that you are excited to see at Rose?
    I’m excited to see all the artist brave enough to show their work.

  3. Do you prefer reborns or silicone dolls and why?
    I love them both for different reasons. I have both and I don’t like one better than the other. Only downside to silicone is of course the price.

New Question:
10. Do you have a cap on how many dolls you allow yourself to buy?


LADIES, DON’T FORGET YOUR NAME TAGS ASSOCIATING YOU WITH THE BOUNTIFUL BABY FORUM. If you don’t have a name tag and we’ve never met you before we won’t know who you are and it’s a real shame when we all get back and start talking about the show and we realize we didn’t meet as many forum members as were there!! Whew, what a long sentence that was!! hahahahaha


Oops, I forgot to answer any of those questions.

  1. This will be my 4th show.
  2. Flying
  3. I am most excited to see all my forum friends again!!
  4. I arrive on Thursday the 11th
  5. Solo
  6. No classes for me.
  7. Geez, I don’t remember how I discovered them, on the internet I suppose.
  8. I love seeing ALL the ‘Big’ name artists and the little ones too.
  9. Reborns, I think sili’s are awesome but way out of my price range, boo hoo!!


Are you going Lynn?


awww thanks so much!

  1. A friend asked me to make her one two years ago, I checked it out, said “no” then “yes” and now I have a business.

  2. No one artist in particular just people I have met and created friendships with online.

  3. I have never seen a silicone doll. I think I will love them and love them more when they get better and less expensive. I have never seen any reborns in person other than my own, kinda excited about that.

  4. I don’t buy or collect dolls, I do buy sculpts and I just replenish them after they sell. I only buy babies on sale, once in a while I buy kits from other artists who are de-stashing.


Yes, I wasn’t going to go this year, last year was suppose to be my last but the show is going to be soooooo much bigger this year that I decided I HAD to go, this will be my last though. Also there are a lot of people going this year that I would like to meet. It’s so awesome to come home and talk on the forum and know who you are talking too!!