Rose Doll Show 2019


No worries Gina, there’s gonna be LOTS of reborns for you to check out, you’re gonna have a blast!! I need to buy my event tickets still, better get on that huh?


Hello , I will need a Name tag :slight_smile: thee will be someone making it this year or I should make one for myself ?


Any advice for newbies? What time does everyone start lining up for the main floor event?


2018, some ladies were in the lobby sitting on the floor waiting for the doors to open at 6:00 a.m.
They must have wanted something really bad to wait that long. It opens at 9!!


Is this going to be your first time at ROSE? I don’t know if anyone will be making them but you can just buy some of those stick on ones that say “Hello, my name is” and put your name on it and Bountiful Baby Forum Member, that way we will know who you are!! It really helps, it’s awful to get home and realize you missed meeting forum members.
edit: Oh and it’s good to put your forum name on it too if it is a fictitious one. That way we can connect you to your forum handle.


Oh goodness! 6am?!


I would love to meet people but I’m new and haven’t made that many connections yet.


If I haven’t met you before Friday come say hi at booth 517 :slight_smile: I get to be next to Cassie Brace! Exciting!


I will definitely come and say hi. I’ll have a cute name tag (I’m going to make one).

Are there any other forums that you recommend for doll lovers?


Jenni, will you take pictures and post them on your FB page after the show?


I can share some there. I didnt take much pictures last year. It was mostly my booth and my kids… I will try to walk around a little this year, even if it is before opening lol


I know there are a few others but they dont seem as active as this one


We usually meet in the Davis Conference Center’s lobby around 5 p.m., come and meet us all there before the baby shower. Are you going to the Baby Shower and/or the Awards Banquet? It’s pretty expensive but if you are going to the show you really should try to have the Whole experience.


Yes I wanted to experience it ALL I am going to the baby shower and banquet and of course the main floor to see all the babies. I might also take a class.

Meeting in the lobby sounds like a plan. Do most people stay at the hotel attached to the conference center?


Most of us try to stay there but they sell out of rooms really fast. They give us a special rate for the doll show and allot a certain amount of rooms at that designated rate. They have long since been sold out. You might be able to stay there at a regular rate but it’s quite expensive per night. Some of the people who drive or rent cars stay elsewhere but it’s nice to be right there were everything is going on. Be sure to put your forum name and your real name on your name tag so we can associate you with the forum.


I’d really really like to go someday, but definitely can’t for probably the next 2 or 3 years. I’m saving up for something more important to me, and I’d say it would probably cost me the same to go to the show so I’m going to save for one thing at a time. Hopefully I can go eventually lol


Yeah by the time I got around to it, there were zero rooms left.


I need one to. Do we make our own


I guess yes . On eBay Year someone made it for everyone and eigther she mailed it or you picked up at the Hotel


That is such a cute idea. Anyone want to volunteer to make them?