Rose Doll Show 2019


That year someone who was coming made some for the group. One year another member made them and I think another printed it off and brought it, etc.

Last year I made mine to be reused for more years by leaving the year off. I also made some for my kids who were coming.

Here is what I did. I printed them at walmart 1-hour photo and cut them to fit ID holders (not sure why it is showing up so large here)

I printed it as a 8x4 invitation with 3 photo slots (like this… the website is defaulting to 60 cards instead of 1 so watch that if you order one)

Here’s how I do it

This is what we did before




Love it!


Great idea . Thank you .
I will make One as well . I am proud to be in this group :slight_smile:


If you are a member of this forum (bountiful baby) make sure to put that on your name tag so we know which forum you are associated with.
I got some of those stick on your shirt kind that say: Hi my name is:____________. They work just fine. I also have one I wear on a lanyard.


Hi im new here and im so excited to go to the show this year! I watch videos of people that have gone before and it looks so fun. Im taking my husband along with me. He loves the art as well. We are flying from oregon to Utah and were probably going to have to stay in a different hotel because i imagine they are sold out already. Most excited to see all the beautiful artwork. Any tips for a first timer? It would be much appreciated.


Is the show Friday Sat and Sun? Online its only showing friday and sat. Is it because sunday is sold out?


There is a hotel next door walking distance


Friday and Saturday for the show


Wed and Thurs are classes
Thurs night is a baby shower event
Friday is show day and banquet in the evening
Saturday is show day and tea party in the evening


[quote=“pastelsprinkles, post:1, topic:71457”]

  • Have you been before or is this your first time? No this is my first time attending
  • Are you flying or driving? Flying but still looking for flights
  • What are you most excited about?
  • When do you get there? Thursday is the plan
  • Are you arriving solo or in a big group?


I only see 4 classes…do you think there will be more?


Anyone flying in from the east coast?


@Vanniek sorry, I know I’m quite late getting back to you but I have no idea :frowning: I was hoping for more classes. I check the schedule here and there in case something new pops up, but I’m guessing those will be the only four for this year. :heart:


If you are talking about the ROSE show, there are quite a few classes listed, probably about a dozen so far. A couple look like they have already been sold out. Keep checking, they list more as artists sign up to give classes, I think.


@lynn I was referring to the Orlando show :blush: the ROSE classes always seem to sell out real quick :heart:️ they have a great selection. I wish Marita Winters was doing a sculpting class again this year, missed it last time.


Oh sorry, I guess my mind immediately goes to ROSE since I’m out in the West!! Good Luck, maybe they will add more for you guys.


Im sad the Baby Shower is Sold Out. I hope they open it up again if extra tickets become available and if anyone has an extra ticket for sale please let me know.


Last question:

Do you prefer silicone or vinyl reborn dolls?


I really, really want to go but I won’t be able to make it to Utah this year. I live in Louisiana and it’s way too far to drive. I wasn’t aware of anything in Orlando though so I will definitely look into that. I’ve been wanting to go to a Rose show for years now. One day!