Rose Doll Show 2019


There is one in Kansas also


I’m so excited to be this year eeeek! I saw that bountiful baby posted a video of a silicone kit that will be a giveaway at the awards banquet. does that mean it’s a prize for one of the winners or do they do drawings for prizes during the banquet?




Thank you @jlesser! You always have the answers :laughing:


I’m getting so excited already and it’s still so far away!


I’m so excited too! I wish I would have gotten a ticket for the baby shower but even just attending for the first time is good enough for me :blush:


Did you buy the booth from someone who couldn’t make it?
I cant find you on the map or list?


Me as well @dinokc. I had to wait to get my days off approved from work and by the time they were approved the baby shower and tea party were both sold out :sob:


Good thing you asked me because I was thinking IDTS LOLOL. I will be attending the Rose show but I will be a vendor at IDTS. When I went to sign up for Rose, it was sold out. I tries to sign up about a month after the show. So how soon are they taking vendors for the following year since it seems as if they book quickly?


This year was crazy fast! I think a lot of return vendors used their earnings to pay for the next years booth


Wow. How many days after the show do they start offering booth rentals?


I dont remember. I know they were pretty much sold out within a month of the show




They start booking as soon as ROSE is over. :slight_smile:


I think Melanie told me she had her table booked for 2019 before she even left the 2018 show. I could be mistaken.


i believe that is correct lol


Are you getting excited yet Mandy? I am, I’m thinking about it every day!!


I’m always excited for ROSE. I need to get my contest baby washed and ready lol


Yeah girl, get crackin’!!


I brought a silicone baby in 17 I think I got her from a customer at the show when I got it home the paint started to bubble up I’m having him redone now by a lady on fourm name carrie I would never buy another one ever.