Rose Doll Show 2019


I have an An Huang silicone that I want to sell. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just prefer vinyl dolls.


They need a bigger building


I bought my Rose tickets!!!
I’m taking the Air Dry class, if anyone else here is, let me know. :slight_smile:


Just a couple more months! I really need to tone down my excitement as it’s still months away… but I can’t help it! So excited!


Yay!! I am doing the ethnic painting class though. We are staying at La Quinta


If anyone sees Baby Shower tickets up for grabs please let me know! :slight_smile:
Otherwise I might go watch the Tabernacle Choir practice Thursday night. If anyone is interested in joining me, let me know!


I’m also looking for baby shower tickets, but if we don’t find them I’d be interested to go see the choir!


Where does that happen?


In Salt Lake City at temple Square in the salt lake tabernacle. I’ve rented a car so I can drive. Check it out. They have this amazing gigantic organ

  1. Have you been before or is this your first time?
    -This will be my first time!
  2. Are you flying or driving?
    -Flying all the way from North Carolina
  3. What are you most excited about?
    -Meeting a bunch of people with similar interest to me, and seeing a different part of America (the furthest I have traveled is Arkansas)
  4. When do you get there?
    -The morning of Wednesday, July 10th
  5. Are you arriving solo or in a big group?
  • Solo! A little nervous about that but I’m pretty independent so I think I’ll be fine
  1. Are you taking any classes?
  • Nope, there’s no way I could afford them!
  1. How/when did you discover reborns?
  • Discovered them in either 2011 or 2012
  1. Is there a particular artist that you are excited to see at Rose?
  • I am pretty excited to see everyone because I have never seen a high quality reborn in person
  1. Do you prefer reborns or silicone dolls and why?
    -Never seen a silicone, but my budget would never allow me to “prefer” them :frowning:
  2. Do you have a cap on how many dolls you allow yourself to buy?
  • Yes, I would cap at three because for most of my year I am living in a dorm with limited space!


Dang apparently the air dry class was cancelled. I got refunded but with no message? Was anybody else taking that class? I’m not exactly sure why I was refunded


The teacher has a post on the ROSE facebook page. She is stuck in Italy. They have not released her passport. Or something… she has not been able to come home (she has lived in the USA for the last 15 yrs I think)
She has been stuck there since October. It could release at any time but she doesn’t want to chance not making it.
Hope this link goes to her post…


Oh thank you! I don’t use fb really. I guess they should take the air dry page down then . I kind of booked my flight around that class after paying for it darnit. :frowning: but thanks so much for the information


Hey guys i am going to rose this year ! I keep checking for an extra banquet ticket for my bro. Hopefully one will show up.
This is the first show im attending and im super excited. I am going to be filming for my channel as well. Looking forward to meeting new ppl


I’m no longer going to be able to attend so I just canceled my hotel room if anyone is looking for accommodations still. This is the hotel info.


I’m sorry you can’t go. :disappointed_relieved:


Just checked the Rose website and it let me buy a baby shower ticket! I tried to buy two but it wouldn’t let me. But I’m so excited! That was the last ticket I needed to get the full set of events. Someone must have gotten a refund and it became available. Glad I checked!


That’s so great. We are going to have a blast.


I’m so sorry you can’t go. I’m glad I payed everything so I can’t cancel. I’m having so much trouble with my knee and need surgery but can’t with my two trips planned.


I may go next year - WHAT? I can’t believe I am saying that, lol! I am going to start saving money to buy a baby - can’t believe I am saying that either. I would just go to the show floor though.