Rose Doll Show 2019


I’m taking that class too! I may have an extra ticket for the class if my friend flakes on me.


Hi, I’m really exciting about going the rose doll show and plus this my first time attending. I’m also flying because I live in Illinois and what I’m really most excited about seeing is the silicone babies because I haven’t seen them in person and I really hope I can hold one!!


Some are so amazingly lifelike and others look like aliens. I was blown away when I saw them the first time!


Oh, wow!! Thats really cool!! :blush::+1:


How much would a less expensive Silicone cost?


All the silicones were expensive–even the ones that were so awful that I wouldn’t even keep if they were given to me. If I remember $1000+…


I can no longer take the ethnic painting class. Would anyone like to purchase it from me?


@danidolly If I start saving now I may be able to handle that. Thanks for answering me.


Not I. I think I will be in Istanbul. Or somewhere over there. :frowning:


What day(s) is it? Oh I just checked and it’s wed thurs. sorry I don’t fly in until wed night. :frowning:


Is the class Wed or Thur?


both–2 day class


Can anyone tell me what kind of things they sell at the doll shows besides reborn and silicone babies as to this my first time going! :blush:


Clothes, knit, crochet, Spanish style and things like hair bows, booties, blankets. One girl had silicone dragons and little stuffed animals. I saw some non reborn dolls kind of like figurines, diaper bags, mohair, reborn kits. I’m sure there was much more, I was just kind of honed in on the Reborns.


There is just about anything you can think of. Unfinished kits, finished kits, clothes, I’m going to buy some more hopeless nipples if I find them.


Wow!! That’s cool! Can’t wait to go!!:smiley:


Lolol I just had a huge chuckle over “hopeless nipples”! Gotta love auto correct!


Lol Hole Less


Both days

  • Have you been before or is this your first time? I have never been.
  • Are you flying or driving? I’m driving (I live in Salt Lake)
  • What are you most excited about? Seeing so many works of art in one place!!
  • When do you get there? I have tickets for both floor days.
  • Are you arriving solo or in a big group? I am coming by myself. I’d love to find other locals (or long distance) to chat/meet up with.