Rose Doll Show 2019

Floor tickets can be purchased at the door, right?

Hello everyone!!:grinning:
I just got rooting my ethnic realborn Jaycee that I will be bring to the rose doll. I have to send some pictures of her later if I get a chance to.


@jeanhai, yes you can purchase tickets for the show at the door. Wear a nametag so we know who you are.

This is my ethnic realborn Jaycee that I’m taking to the doll show!:blush:
She just need a hair and eyelashes cut/trim


I’ll show pictures of her when she’s all finished and put together!:+1:


@Harmie Adorable, can’t wait to see her finished!

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You can purchase tickets at the door but they will be more expensive

I’m planning to have cloth diapers and honest diapers at my table. I’m working on baby blankets as well. The diapers come with a free wafers.


Are they the cloth diapers that fasten. What makes them fasten. I just thought of a new topic for discussion. If you have a booth at Rose what’s your booth number and what are you selling. I would really like to support my forum friends. Just need to know where you are.


You can find me at Table 53. The diapers have snaps. Which allows them to fit small and larger babies. At my table I’m selling Diapers cloth and honest diapers. I’ll have size newborn, Size 1 and Size 3. They are bundled 7 diapers in a pack. I am also sewing baby minky blankets. In addition I’ll have five Reborns available. Hope to see you there. I want to offer a free gift with purchase but I’m not sure what to have. My first thoughts are no hole nipples and the wafers


Tickets are less expensive if purchased in advance off the website.

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Are floor tickets required to go to the awards banquet and baby shower that are already paid for?

Here you go! @babymaw

No you only need the floor tickets to go to the show floor itself.